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POLL: will tito ever get another title shot?
yes, he's still got it 22% (16)
no, past his time 31% (23)
maybe, but not in the ufc 30% (22)
tito who? 18% (13)
2/6/08 6:38:45AM
so do any of you thing tito will ever get back for a title shot?

as for me...i say no. i'd like to see the guy hang it up.
2/6/08 6:41:29AM
well it mostly depends on how he does against machida, if he beats machida he might just be 1 fight away from a title shot, granting someone like chuck liddell, or jardine will be first up for the title, but if he looses to machida i think its a safe bet to say he never will, at least in the UFC
2/6/08 7:07:19AM
I'm pretty sure he's been open about this being his final fight in the UFC. So it won't be there. I think he'll try to keep his name in the game somehow, but I don't think he has the passion for fighting anymore. IFL coach?
2/6/08 7:09:45AM
it has also been talked about, doubt it will happen, but if he doesnt resign with the UFC he might have a 10 year anniversary rematch with Frank shamrock. again doubt it it will happen but it would certantly create alot of interest if it were to happen
2/6/08 7:36:29AM
I don't think he has what it takes anymore to be the top guy in the LHW anymore. Maybe if he steps down but I still think Anderson Silva would derail him.
2/6/08 8:13:53AM
Probably not going to happen. He's past his prime now, injuries are taking their toll, and he's too busy with everything else he has going on (TV appearances, charity work, training and running Punishment Athletics, etc.).
2/6/08 9:38:24AM
Definetely not in the UFC anywhere else doubtfully so unless he actually seems like he wants to fight anymore i just think he might want to move on and do something like be in movies and run his business like he always talks about.
2/6/08 10:06:07AM
I really don't think so.
Even if he beats Machida I would be absolutely shocked if he could finish him. And even then, he would probably need at least 2 more wins in a row to get a shot.
2/6/08 4:10:17PM
Well, I think it would defintelly hinge on how he does agains Lyoto Machida first. If he comes out and shows he still has the fire to compete and has no injuries like in the Evans fight he could get back up there in time. I can't say for sure if Tito is past his prime or just on a string of bad luck. This Machida fight will make up my mind for me.
2/6/08 4:12:52PM
Tito has the talent by far but he would have tohave another year like 2006, yes against what was at that time C level competition but he would have to score more than a win and a draw in over 12 months.

Ortiz and Jackson is a hugely marketable fight between two of the most charismatic badasses in all MMA. and more than that it's interesting as hell.
2 of the biggest slammers in MMA. Training together in the same camp would make it a questionable possibility.

Either way, short answer, yes if he lights that fire again.
2/6/08 5:57:15PM
Unfortunately I'm guessing he won't...Take it for what it's worth, but Tito was on Howard Stern Show this morning and said that he was only going to be fighting in the UFC for one more fight. He compared Dana White to Don King, so I'm guessing that there remains bad blood between the two. This is directly from Howard Stern's website:

Tito revealed that he was leaving the UFC after his next fight, as he felt Dana White was no different than Don King. Howard read some of the disparaging comments Dana has made about Tito and Jenna, and they replied that Dana was a former
aerobics instructor who didn't nurture Tito's career as much as he should've. Tito said his biggest revenge will be success and changed the subject, telling the crew about his early days as a street-fighter.

Check out Howardstern.com for other details about his visit. This sucks, I really like Tito too.
2/6/08 7:37:04PM
I don't see Tito getting a title shot anytime soon.Not unless he comes out and starts becoming really exciting,and begins prasing the Zuffa brass.I don't think Dana is too thrilled about the thought of Tito holding the belt again.
2/6/08 9:10:12PM
how can this be a serious question. Tito only got the title in the first place because frank shamrock retired, chuck liddell knocked off all the real contenders, and made excuses why he couldnt fight chuck untill he was stripped of the title. UFC/PRIDE MERGER. how the hell you expect him to beat......

MACHIDA ( maybe a LAY N PRAY becase machida walks around at 199,30
pounds light then tito, doubt tito will win anyways)
Forest ( much better then when they first fought and IMO tito lost anyways
keith jardine

TIto IMO is somewhere between 15-20 ranked LHW. Not to forget him talking all the sh1t about the ufc and he's on an expiring contract.
2/8/08 2:44:46AM
tito had his time now he needs to move aside for all the new comer let them beat on him to get there confindence up
2/10/08 6:47:36AM
Absolutely not. I no longer rank Tito in the top 10, and feel fighting is no longer his first priority. I think unless he makes fighting his priority, and puts himself under someone else's tutelage, he'll never grow as a fighter and be a top guy again.
2/10/08 10:04:23AM
i don;t think tito has the same drive anymore. espcecialy not to make a title run. IMO he would have to beat Machida impressivly and have at least one more dominant fight against a top 5 guy to get a title shot
2/10/08 5:15:36PM
Tito doesn't even want a title shot so it's really a non-issue.

He wants to start some sort of promotion or something like that and he will probably end up on the numerous reality TV shows that washed up stars that need money do. It's sad really because I thought Tito was up there with Frank and Chuck as most dominant lightheavyweight champion but now I can't say that.

Frank, Chuck, Rampage, Tito...thats pretty sad for Tito considering Rampage has only two fights and clearly fought tougher competition and handled them in a way that Tito used to know how to do.

As far as I am concerned Tito should get his head out of TV land and focus on being a coach cause I think he proved he could be a great coach when he was on TUF. He knows how to connect with people.
2/11/08 9:54:17AM
Past his time and past his prime.
4/10/08 9:11:03AM
never liked tito but he is a good fighter
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