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POLL: Who gets next HW Title Shot?
Cheick Kongo 29% (14)
Shane Carwin 48% (23)
Couture/Nogueira Winner 19% (9)
Junior Dos Santos 2% (1)
other 2% (1)
5/14/09 2:56:17PM
After Mir and Lesnar go at it to decide the Undisputed champ, who should get the next shot?

I think it may have to be Kongo, he's picked up three straight wins, since losing a razor close decision to Herring(in my opinion). He has picked up some big wins, such as Cro Cop and Hardonk, the two best strikers in that division. He has been around long enough and paayed his due's to where I think he deserves the next shot at the winner of Mir/Lesnar 2.

Carwin has only picked up three wins, and only one win over top tier competition, that being Gonzaga. I think he needs one or two more wins, maybe against the Mir/Lesnar loser....

Couture/Nogueira isnt a fight for contention in my opinion. This is for who stays in the top relm and who doesnt. This fight is alot like Chuck/Wandy - Pride Legend vs. UFC Legend. This matchup is for the fans of the sport who have been waiting for years to see this.
5/14/09 3:02:48PM
I think Carwin gets the next shot.... but id rather Kongo got the next shot. I think he'd KO Mir and Lesnar
5/14/09 3:04:27PM
I hate to be drinkin the haterade being that Kongo is 7-2 in the UFC.... BUT

His 7 UFC wins are against fighters with a combined 7-16 UFC record.

I think he still has #1 contender status yet to prove. A fight with a Carwin or Dos Santos or Gonzaga or semi-equivalent level opponent would do it for me but I'd take a Couture/Nog vs. the winner since they've beaten solid competition.

Couture/Mir or Lesnar/Nog are much more interesting, if it ends up being a rematch of Couture/Lesnar or Mir/Nog then maybe get Kongo or Carwin in for the shot.
5/14/09 3:16:39PM
Other than Nog and maybe Carwin I don't think any of the others could hang with Mir or Lesnar.
I know the HW devision has improved a lot from what it was a few months ago but its still a pretty weak devision with a huge gap between the top dogs and the contenders.

Kongo wouldn't last against Mir who could handle him on the feet until he could get him to the mat and sub him. Lesnar would just bum rush him an hold him down for the entire fight as Kongo is useless off his back.

Carwin despite not fighting top guys still has a good chance as he's a big guy with good stand up, KO power from one punch and excellent wrestling. He matches up well against the top two guys.

Nog is still dangerous even though Mir tooled him in his last match. I think he'll be the one to take the title if its any of the ones mentioned but if he doesn't improve from his last fight Mir would take him again as I'm not buying the excuses that have been thrown out there.

Couture Stands a ok chance against Mir but I wouldn't pick him and I think a Lesnar rematch would go mainly the same way as last time. He's just to small to hang with him. Nothing to be ashamed of but the weight difference is like a LW taking on LHW. I think he'll drop to LHW and take a run at the title there if he comes back.

Other than the fights in the UFC I haven't seen much of Dos Santos, he trains with Nog so he might be a sleeper but I doubt he'll be the one getting the next title shot.
5/14/09 3:31:00PM

Posted by Kpro

I hate to be drinkin the haterade being that Kongo is 7-2 in the UFC.... BUT

His 7 UFC wins are against fighters with a combined 7-16 UFC record.

I think he still has #1 contender status yet to prove. A fight with a Carwin or Dos Santos or Gonzaga or semi-equivalent level opponent would do it for me but I'd take a Couture/Nog vs. the winner since they've beaten solid competition.

I agree i think he still has something to prove but Lesnar looked like he couldnt stand being hit by couture whose striking has relatively no KO power and Kongo is better standing and would put him out. I doubt Lesnar could last 25 minutes against a KO artist.
I think Kongo is a horrible matchup for Mir. Mir's wrestling isnt enough by far to take Kongo down and standing Kongo would do the same thing Vera did, but more devastatingly.

Against Carwin and Nogueira and Gonzaga i think theyd take him down and sub him with relative ease. I just dont hink Mir and Lesnar are the best the division has BY FAR
5/14/09 3:37:39PM
To be honest, no really deserves a shot right now.

Couture needs to fight the loser of the title fight and win in order to get a crack. Carwin and Kongo need to fight for the #1 contender spot (I don't really want to see Couture or Mir/Lesnar to challenge for the title again so quickly).

Dos Santos needs to fight Cain (if he wins against Herring) for the #2 (or #3) spot.
5/14/09 4:26:00PM
I'm feelin that they should just do the old school thing and have Lesnar fight anyone who can challenge him. We're thinking to much in terms of ranking imo. HW division is like (given MUCH MUCH poorer) the mw in the 80s or hw in the 70s, or even WW minus Floyd today.

Anyone can whoop anyone in this division. So we're dealing with scrambled eggs, unlike all the other divisions out there.

So just let them fight until we get a solid champ. Let lesnar fight everyone. Let Kongo fight a real top HW. And let Carwin go for it.

Doesn't matter really, it'll all figure out.

Just like a year ago when everyone said Mir had no place going for a title, or when Lesnar fought for it.

Look at it today, everyone is saying guys with 5 times the experiance of Lesnar have no buisness fighting for the crown yet. The HW division will figure itself out within the next year.

5/14/09 4:52:03PM
i agree the heavy weight division was in ruins last year since then 3 of the ufc heavyweights have cracked the top 10 consensus with another dos santos and cain knocking at the door

i do think right now no one derserves a shot, but i don't see the ufc putting the heavyweight on hold for another 8 or 9 months

look for them to give either kongo or carwin a shot next in the fall, i think if lesnar wins a lesnar vs carwin fight would happen
if mir wins i see them giving him kongo next
5/14/09 5:59:28PM
i think it all comes down to who wins the mir/lesnar and couture/nog matches.....if whoever wins the title match most likely will not face a guy he beat to get the title shot, i.e. lesnar wont fight couture again etc.......but if we get a match say, mir wins and couture wins, then thats most likely the next title shot

on the kongo tip, he doesnt deserve a title shot, plain and simple....hes workin his way up, but hes beat nobody of worthiness since cro cop...and losing to heath herring is nothing to be ashamed of, but at the same time it puts a serious dent in the title shot possibilities when its that recent......kongo, would get owned in my opionon by the any of the four guys that i already mentioned....but it would be an exciting fight none the less

carwin i think is one big win away from a title shot, maybe kongo fight????.....but he has the tools to be a champ and defeat lesnar as well....i think within the next year atleast, as long as he keeps winning, that hell get a shot.

some guys for future potential shots in the next year or so to think about as well are:

overeem (if he signs)
rejuvenated cro cop (if he resigns)
5/14/09 6:24:06PM
In my opinion they should match up kongo with carwin and the winner gets the next shot, after that matchup the nog vs. couture winner with the velazquez vs. herring winner to decide who gets the shot after that, by that time the brock vs. mir loser will be in line for a rematch.
5/14/09 6:58:37PM
Probably Carwin, but he would be in a much better position with another solid win.

Dos Santos isn't interested in the title until his trainer Nog retires.

There's certainly a strong case for the winner of Nog vs Couture, but it might be a little soon.

Really there aren't many contenders because the UFC has chosen to baby all of its upcoming talent. Now they just have a bunch of top prospects that have still yet to face consistent top competition.
5/14/09 7:24:40PM
Kongo deserves this more than anyone else on the list. The others can and probably will be built up a bit more before becoming serious contenders (with the exception of Minatoro and Randy). I think if Nog or Randy want another run at the title they would have to put together 2 or 3 wins first.
5/15/09 10:53:45AM
In my world:

Carwin should fight Kongo to see who is the #1 contender.

Dos Santos should fight Velasquez because this would be a fun fight and it would maybe help to put one of them firmly into the contender picture along with Mir/Lesnar, Carwin/Kongo and the winner of Couture/Nog.
Then the UFC could mix and match the names to make some cool fights.

5/16/09 11:26:14AM
yeah def agree carwin kongo for title shot and loser of that takes on nog couture winner dos santos and velasquez if he wins and im hoping pat barry makes it to the top of the hw division really liked this guy in his only ufc fight
5/16/09 1:32:34PM
I don't think Kongo deserves a shot, he hasn't beat anyone that tough since Crocop, and 2 of the past 3 of his wins are against guys that have never won in the ufc.
I agree that a Kongo-Carwin fight should decide the next contender

I don't really know where the ufc goes with the Couture-Nog winner, we'll see i guess. maybe give the winner to dos Santos if he beats McCully

i think the ufc might give Cain the next shot if he dominates Herring, which i personally wouldnt agree with, but if he stops herring(which lesnar couldnt do) that would be impressive
5/17/09 1:30:44PM
Not surprised more people want to see Crawin get a shot before Kongo, but that doesn't mean I think he deserves it. IMO
5/17/09 2:52:10PM
Shane Carwinn vs Cain Valasquez
Junior Dos Santos vs Chiek Kongo
winner vs winner for #1 cotnender spot
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