who should get the next WW title shot?

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POLL: Who should get the next WW title shot?
GSP 64% (41)
Jon Finch 28% (18)
neither 8% (5)
11/13/07 8:59:19PM
I would like to see Fitch get the title shot. I think he would win, then have GSP fight Fitch for the title. Watching those two fight for a title would be better than watching them beat the crap out of each other to see who gets to win the title.

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11/14/07 1:48:53AM
Jon Fitch.
GSP will get his shot soon, but he did get KO'd, so he should have to work back up alittle. Same thought for Hughes, it should be Fitch getting the shot and not Hughes.
11/16/07 4:10:16PM
I dont see why Jon Fitch should get a title shot the best win he has is over Sanchez so he needs to fight the winner of Karo/chonan and then the winner can get his title shot.

GSP was the champ, he lost, came back and fought Koshcheck for the #1 contender spot. So in my opinion GSP fought better competition and is more deserving for a title shot.

Actually it doesn t really matter what we say since GSP is figthing the winner of Hugues/Serra
11/16/07 5:22:28PM

Posted by JimiMak

Posted by TheHitmanTL

im pretty sure theyll have gsp fight for the title ASAP after hughes and serra fight because either way they get a HUGE title fight

Hughes VS GSP 3 for a rubber match
Serra Vs GSP 2 for gsp to show us that serra got lucky

You actually brought up what i was gonna mention, everyone is assuming MH will have the belt. If Serra is still champ, GSP is nowhere near a title shot.

Karo and Fitch should fight for the next shot.

I agree, if Hughes wins then it should be GSP vs. Hughes

If Serra wins, Serra v. Fitch.
11/16/07 6:13:10PM
Their are in my opinion 4 main contenders for the title.

the 4 fighters should be
Karp (if victorious)

with the matchups being

GSP vs. Karo( number 1 contender match)
Fitch vs. Kos( great fight imo)
11/16/07 6:54:26PM
Jon Fitch deserves the next title shot.
11/16/07 8:50:24PM
marcus davis man hes been on a roll even though they arent top competition i still think him vs. gsp would be a war for no. 1 contention even though i think gsp would win that fight it should happen i dont think gsp fighting koscheck should make him the no. 1 contender.
11/17/07 5:48:03PM
everybody has an excuse for why fitch shouldnt get a shot but he has won 7 fights in a row in the ufc which is far too many if you look at fighters who got shoe in fights after 2 or less fights let alone wins.

Fitch then GSP then Karo (if he wins) then Davis (if he wins 2)
Koscheck (if he wins 2-3) Penn (if he won 2 in WW, including hughes again)
Alves (if he wins 2) Chonan (2-3 wins) Swick (2-3 wins)
11/18/07 2:47:47AM
Fitch then the winner of GSP vs Karo.
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