Title seeker Gonzaga faces icon in Couture

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8/23/07 4:59:40PM
On the night that Gabriel Gonzaga stunned the world by knocking out Mirko Cro Cop, there was at least one man who didn't have to feign surprise. He happens to be the same man who will be staring across the octagon from the No. 1 title contender this Saturday at Mandalay Bay Events Center.

8/23/07 5:44:28PM
im one to say anyone can beat anyone on a certain night. an i think that is just what happened with gonzaga, i dont think he is a better fighter than cro cop by anymeans. honestly dont think they are truely close, an dont believe he deserves a title shot.. cro cop is the only noteworthy person he even beat. i just think win or lose he was rushed into the spot light of a title shot. an believe he shouldve worked his way up the ladder more...
8/23/07 8:24:02PM
I agree that anyone can win any fight given the right circumstances but this didn't look like a fluke to me. Even before the kick Gonzaga was the dominant fighter that night. I'd love to see them fight again...if Cro Cop wins then i'd be less impressed with what Gonzaga did to him. If Gonzaga beats Randy then Cro Cop may not get a chance to redeem himself for a while.

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