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5/2/12 6:26:17PM
After pulling off the upset, Randy Couture's first title defence was to be at UFC 74 against Gabriel Gonzaga, who was coming off of a spectacular head kick knock out of the Pride Fighting Championship legend Mirko 'Cro cop' Filipovic. Could Couture, the master of the game plan pull off another unlikely win. The answer was an emphatic yes. Couture mixed it up with dirty boxing and ground and pound forcing a round three stoppage via tko. But, it wasn't with out damage. Couture had blocked an attempted head kick during the fight and the impact of the kick broke his arm.

The HW Title: Part 3 by Ray Thompson
5/3/12 3:00:48AM
I will never forget this ppv
Went up to my bosses house to watch it
Had couture for a month for my pick and changed it to gonzaga the day of the fight. Lost 20 bucks to my boss that night cause of it.

Also I tried to go to my very first live event to this one.
I went to Ufc 76 knockout instead. I was so excited when i went to my first event. Lidell. Griffin shogun. Sanchez. Fitch. I was in heaven
5/3/12 3:03:23AM
My first live event was UFC 70, got to see Gonzaga's head kick, it was awesome.
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