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4/4/12 6:30:49PM
Continuing the story of the UFC HW Title, we left off at UFC 36, Josh Barnett had just over powered Randy Couture to become the new HW champion, but there was a down side. Unfortunately Josh Barnett failed a drugs test, he was stripped of the title and he left the UFC. Until this day he has never returned to the UFC though it could be a possibility in the near future.

So, once again the UFC had no HW champion. The UFC picked out two of its best fighters and set up a HW title match for UFC 39. Randy Couture was given an instant chance to re win the title back after losing in a controversial fashion, and the in form Ricco Rodriguez was picked as his opponent. This fight was another classic. It was a five round war with Couture setting the pace early on, but as the fight went on the bigger Rodriguez started to wear on Couture and Couture eventually tapped to elbow strikes in the fifth round. To date this is the only HW fight in the UFC to be finished in round five.

The HW Title: Part 2 by Ray Thompson
4/5/12 10:36:53PM
I have seen that fight a few times. Ricco was losing. And given he was on a 3 or 4 fight Ufc win streak going into the fight. He looked very promising at the time till timmy knocked him out in ricco first title defense. Ricco went downhill from there. It's pretty bad when a loser leaves town match is ricco vs rizzo. that fight was so bad that both guys never came back to the Ufc
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