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1/19/10 10:56:34AM
link After winning the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter" as a middleweight, emerging as a top contender at welterweight, dropping to lightweight and losing a title shot to champion B.J. Penn in December, Diego Sanchez is apparently ready for a change.

On Monday the fighter said he plans to return to the welterweight division.

In a series of Twitter messages, "Nightmare" welcomed fights with everyone from Josh Koscheck to Jon Fitch to fellow weight-class jumper Nate Diaz.

But as ( first reported on Monday, Diaz instead is expected to make the jump from lightweight to welterweight to fight Rory Markham at UFC 111 in New Jersey.

Still, Sanchez (21-3 MMA, 10-3 UFC), who went 7-2 in the UFC's welterweight division and 2-1 as a lightweight, stated, "Any top guy will do."

While ratting off opponents' names, Sanchez also stated Carlos Condit, Martin Kampmann and Mike Swick would be "great fights," as well.

"I'm loving my new diet," said Sanchez, citing a reason for the move back to 170 pounds
1/19/10 3:16:57PM
DIego can still win fights at 170, and I think he could beat diaz if that fight ever materializes. But I still think FItch and Koscheck would beat him in rematches. Don't see him being able to beat alves, Johnson, or any of the other big names right now at 170.

He pretty much had to jump back up after seeing how he wasn't even close to being able to hang with BJ Penn, but even if he does win some big fights, I don't see him being able to compete with GSP either. DO I think Diego is kinda in no-mans land right now.
1/19/10 3:26:18PM
I think Diego needs to go back to King of the Cage.
1/19/10 4:09:53PM
If Diego really wants a belt in the UFC, he should take 2-3 years off for pure training with both his physical tools and his striking skills. He can either bulk up at WW or work on his speed at LW because that's where his deficiencies are.

Along with that, he needs to learn some high level boxing, kickboxing, muay thai - whatever works for him. We saw what happened in the BJ fight. At WW GSP could keep the fight standing the entire time and pick Diego apart - he's bigger and he still has a solid karate background.

Diego is a tough kid with lots of heart and cardio and intensity. He's just too far behind the champs in both weight divisions to make a serious threat.
1/19/10 4:12:20PM

Posted by Sir_Karl

I think Diego needs to go back to King of the Cage.

I agree, he's probably one of the most overrated fighters in the business.
1/19/10 6:59:37PM
i don't understand all this nonsense about how sanchez should go to king of the cage and how he's overrated. that's ridiculous! at welterweight he's beaten some big names: nick diaz, john alessio, karo parysian, joe riggs. he went the DISTANCE with fitch and koscheck, and the fitch fight was a split decision. then he went to the lightweight division and beat two top lightweights in clay guida and joe stevenson. then his most recent fight he lost to one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. how is he overrated? i believe he should stay at lightweight. i feel like he could beat every other lightweight out there. sanchez vs. florian would be an insane fight too. that's the only lightweight that i feel might be able to beat him other than penn. diego sanchez is far from overrated.
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