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2/11/09 6:05:29PM
HW- Cain
LHW- Evans
MW- Silva
LW- Sanchez
2/11/09 6:08:29PM
I think it’s more a wish list than a reality
But the possibility exists
All the belts will change

HW – Nog
( Frank will beat Brock, then Nog will get another chance at Mir and win this time)
LW – Machida
(The Rashad/Rampage fight will happen; Regardless Machida, through elusiveness, will best the winner)
MW – Maia
( Maia will get his chance by the end of the year and Submit Anderson)
WW – Hazelett
( Hazelett will get 2 more submissions of the night, then get GSP and pull off the impossible. That or GSP will remain)
LW – Lauzon
(Lauzon will get Guida or Griffin very soon, then the winner of Sherk/Edgar, Then he will get Florian when Kenflo beats BJ around mid-year, and Lauzon will take out Florian in style. That boys got a big future.)
2/15/09 4:49:53PM
here we go;

HW Lesnar/Carwin
LHW Machida
MW Silva
LW Kenflo
2/15/09 5:30:51PM
HW: Randy "The Natural" Couture
LHW: Rampage Jackson
MW: Dan Henderson (yep I think he'll come back down and beat Anderson)
LW: Sherk
2/15/09 5:50:57PM
A rematch with Hendo is a streach seeing Hendo is tied up with TUF, and Randy back on top...........i never even considered him, but if he rededicates and beats NOG, he could get an imeadiate fight after the unification bout between Lesnar and Mir
2/17/09 4:20:20PM

Posted by 1daveufc

hw:lesner lhw:machida( if giving his chance if not rampage). mw:silva and thats anderson not wanderlei ha. ww:gsp. lw:BJ all the way . Dare i say may be chuck for lhw if he beats shogun!

Yes 1daveufc......you may say
2/17/09 4:24:23PM
HW- Brock Lesnar
LHW- Lyoto Machida
MW- Damein Maia
WW- Thiago Alves
LW- Deigo Sanchez
2/18/09 2:39:18AM
HW-Gonzaga LHW-Machida MW-A. Silva WW-St. Pierre LW-Sherk
2/18/09 7:49:02PM
HW - Lesnar(unless Fedor is picked up)
LHW - Machida
MW - Marquardt
WW - Alves
LW - Penn
2/19/09 12:14:15AM
hw- lesnar lhw- machida mw- maia ww- alves lw- florian p4p fighters will fall!
2/19/09 5:30:42PM
HW - Overeem
LHW - Page
MW - Vitor
LW - Sherk (i can see BJ losing to Kenny and then Kenny losing to Sherk in a rematch)
2/19/09 6:41:39PM

The only champ that I see losing any time soon is Rashad. I think Page or Machida can beat him. Other than that I dont see much changing
2/19/09 9:20:11PM
HW - Lesnar
LHW - Rampage beats Rashad, Machida Beats Rampage, Rashad beats Machida... soooo probly Machida at 2009's end but losing shortly after.
MW - Anderson by a mile
WW - GSP by 2 miles
LW - Penn
2/20/09 12:13:51AM
HW : Eddie Sanchez (yes he will come back and open a can of whoop ass)

LHW: Josh Haines (Wargods will not suffice his blood lust and he will come back and wreak havoc on the stacked LWH division)

MW: Travis Lutter ( after finally reading all of his hate mail, he comes back and lays waste to all challengers)

WW: Jonathan Goulet ( Goulet will clash with St. Pierre in a match filled with poor english and thick accents, Goulet will of course win in any fashion he wants to)

LW: BJ Penn......................who else were you expecting, Rob Emerson ??

And yes, I am 100% serious so i hope that no one will laught at my predictions.
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