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2/10/09 6:49:06PM
Who do you think has each belt at the end of 2009??

HW- Brock Lesnar
LHW- Rampage Jackson
MW- Anderson Silva
WW- Georges St. Pierre
LW- BJ Penn

Silva, GSP and BJ are too dominant in their divisions right now, the other two are tough, lhw is so deep and nobody can seem to put in a long title reign lately, brock is a beast but still raw.
2/10/09 7:10:18PM
LW-Kenflo(don't be hatin')
2/10/09 7:14:39PM
HW - Mir will Submit Lesnar again and then lose to whoever he fights after. That is my prediction for the heavyweight division
LHW - Rashad Evans
MW - Anderson Silva
WW - Georges St. Pierre
LW - BJ Penn
2/10/09 7:14:56PM
HW - Mir
LHW - Rashad
MW - Silva

i'll stick with BJ for now but the fact Florian is going to do a whole training camp in Montreal with GSP for the fight with BJ is enough to have me on the fence with that fight.
2/10/09 7:52:58PM
LHW-Rampage or Shogun if he gets cardio back lol
WW-GSP(I think he'll lose the Alves then get it back before the end of 09)
LW-BJ Penn
2/10/09 7:56:25PM
HW - Mir
LHW - Rampage
MW - Silva
LW - Penn
2/10/09 7:58:26PM
HW Mir
LHW Rampage
MW Silva
LW Florian

Amir submits all of them at the same time but declines the title because he knows it would not be fair.....
2/10/09 8:01:54PM
HW: Carwin
LHW: Machida (they are gonna have to give him a title shot eventually, and when they do i think he'll take advantage of it)
MW: Silva
LW: Diego...yeah i said it
2/10/09 8:04:50PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

HW: Carwin
LHW: Machida (they are gonna have to give him a title shot eventually, and when they do i think he'll take advantage of it)
MW: Silva
LW: Diego...yeah i said it

Same, although I'd move Heavyweight to ??? because I honestly have no clue and I'd clarify LW to say Penn will lose the title to Florian and Florian will lose it to Sanchez in a TUF 1 rematch.
2/10/09 8:06:22PM
Don't we have a ton of these???

Anyway LHW all depends on whether Machida gets his shot or if the belt is protected from his iron grip. Cuz once he gets it he ain't letting it go.
2/10/09 8:15:06PM
HW-Lesnar or Gonzaga
LHW-Rampage or Rashad
MW-Silva or Okami
WW-GSP or Alves
LW-Florian or Sherk
2/10/09 8:30:23PM
HW: Mir
LHW: Rampage or Machida
MW: Anderson
LW: Penn
2/10/09 8:36:13PM
HW: Gonzaga (Cain)
LH: Lyoto (Rampage)
MW: Anderson (Vitor)
WW: Alves (GSP)
LW: BJ (Sherk)
2/10/09 8:36:45PM
HW- Gabriel Gonzaga
LHW- Lyoto Machida
MW- Anderson Silva
LW- BJ Penn
2/10/09 8:37:12PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

LW-Florian or Sherk

Damn 20 looks like I gotta give you another awesome av like the one you have when you lose an av bet on BJ vs Florian to me
2/10/09 8:46:00PM
bj penn
2/10/09 8:58:37PM
HW- Fedor (one can dream!) or Gonzaga
LHW- Lyoto Machida
MW- Anderson Silva
LW- Sherk (after taking the belt away from florian )
2/10/09 9:47:48PM
wait vitor might get back into the UFC?
2/10/09 9:48:45PM

Posted by EvenFlow

HW: Gonzaga (Cain)
LH: Lyoto (Rampage)
MW: Anderson (Vitor)
WW: Alves (GSP)
LW: BJ (Sherk)

wait vitor might get back into the ufc
2/10/09 10:10:09PM
HW: Carwin
LHW: Machida
MW: Silva
LW: Ken-flo
2/10/09 10:36:31PM
HW: Carwin

Beats Gonzaga then another, then Mir at the NYE event.

LHW: Shogun

Machida gets screwed and matched as the original 1st Shogun UFC fight (before Forrest asked). Beat Machida, then Rampage in November.

MW: Anderson

beat next victim after Leites in September

WW: Alves

beat GSP no fights until Jan

LW: Penn/Sanchez

beat Florian, then Penn vs Sanchez decides it in October
2/11/09 2:02:30AM
HW: Mir
LHW: If they ever give him his long over due title shot, Machida. If that doesn't happen then it'll be Rampage.
MW: This one's a no-brainer: Anderson Silva.
WW: GSP or Alves. I'm a fan of both,so I would win out and be happy either way.
LW: BJ Penn.

Random Side Note: You know what I'd love to see though? I'd love to see Jeremy Stephens wearing that LW gold one day. I gotta love my local Iowa boy. I mean hell, my cousin Brandon has trained with the guy on a couple of occasions!
2/11/09 2:26:55AM

Posted by AnDeRsonDaSiLvA

bj penn

2/11/09 6:43:39AM
machida - hopefully
2/11/09 1:35:29PM
I'm saying this...
HW- Lesnar TKO's Mir in May. Then goes on to fight Gonzaga(not too sure on the Carwin fighht, but I know if Gabe wins, he gets a shot) or the long shot of a fedor matchup toward year's end. I can see Brock pulling a decision over Gabe, or a Gabe TKO.
LHW- Rampage defeats Jardine in March. Goes on to fight Rashad in July. I see Jackson pulling a decision, or maybe Evans repeating in Griffin fashion, with a controversial split. Machida will have to fight before getting a shot at year's end. So a fight with the winner of Liddell/Shogun will be in the making. Mark em'. Therefore, Shogun vs. Machida, winner vs. Rampage/Evans, in Dec. making......... the champ at year's end.
MW- Silva goes through Leites. is either matched up with Okami, or another catch weight fight. Before, fighting winner of Bisping/Hendo at year's end. I am going out on a limb and saying Michael will push the pace, and outwork(more effectively I suppose, than Franklin already did) Dan to win, and get a shot at the title.
WW- Alves vs. GSP is going to be a toss up in my mind. I can see Thiago knocking out St.Pierre. I really can. He is just that powerful, and strong. But Georges is becoming a master at the gameplan, and this could be the most dominant win in his career, stifling the Pitbull. I am prolly taking GSP by sub, in the 3rd. but an Alves TKO in the 2nd really makes sense. Let's assume Pierre does my initial prediction, and wins. Will prolly wait til Nov.Dec. at least to fight again. Even if he does, period, But then the only guy there waiting would a survivor in the Koscheck, Fitch, Alves, Kampmann, A.Johnson, Swick, Davis, etc,etc. circle. Maybe they'll bring in Jake Shields to toss it up.
LW- BJ fights Florian, regardless, next. I don't know how soon. Kinda sounds like Penn will be down from this fight with Pierre, and after this fight, I am afraid he will heading straight down. I believe the Florian we have been watching, can and most likely will beat a BJ Penn, not in his complete-Pulver rematch, Stevenson title win, Sherk destruction- ,mode, then he going to hit another wall with Kenny. Florian Penn at 100 in july. Florian wins, goes on to a Diego rematch in Oct, Nov. Judging the performance Sanchez has in two weeks, we will see how good the nightmare becomes at a lighter weight. I'd take Florian in a rematch, comfortably. But Sanchez could be a a monster at 155. But one thing, do we think the UFC will just give Diego a title shot, after one win? What if they have to have him fight again, let's say at 99 or 100? Planning on having him fight for the title, Joe Silva will have to give him a name. And a record. Sherk has already started to call out Sanchez, but is set for May against Edgar. Diaz,Guida, Lauzon all are coming off fights, Guida vs. Sanchez anybody!!!!

At Year's end....
2/11/09 2:06:10PM
HW: I'm going to dismiss Gonzaga/Carwin, not because I don't think they could do it, but because it's too tough to call and adds more confusion. So the winner of Mir/Lesnar will probably be it. Right now I have Brock, but I'm on the fence.

LHW: There's two simple options. Rashad or Machida. Nobody else can compete with them right now. Rampage would be dismantled by both, and Shogun... I can't even believe somebody thinks he'll win against anyone other than Coleman. So for nut-hugging reasons I'll pick Rashad but keep my eye on Machida.

MW: Silva loses this year. Not because I'm tired of him or want a new champ. His time is just coming. Maia, Hendo, Bisping, and if Manhoef ever signs. If Bisping can get past Hendo, he will beat Silva. But I'm not sure he can beat Hendo. He's got some good lay-n-pray. So I'll say Hendo.

WW: After 94, how could I not say GSP? Alves and Rumble will be a handfull, but his wrestling and GnP is too dominant for anyone. So, GSP.

LW: Florian or Diego. I know it's premature to say Diego as we don't know how he'll perform at LW, but I think he'll be an animal. He can still beat Kenny, and will work BJ much the same GSP did. So I'll say Diego.


HW: Brock
LHW: Rashad
MW: Hendo
LW: Diego
2/11/09 2:33:06PM
Some of these picks may be a bit "out there" but whatever, it's a gut feeling.

LW: Kenny Florian/Bj Penn ( I'm not sure how dedicated Bj is to fighting anymore, he seems mentally drained)
WW: Thiago Alves (Yes, that's right...Thiago, i'm picking him to dethrone Georges in their fight, WAR ALVES)
MW: Anderson Silva (only because he will probably fight someone like Kendall Grove or James Irvin again at 185, I doubt he will fight any 2-5 ranked middleweights. If he does, then i'll pick Dan Henderson for the 185 champ, with Maia coming in second)
LHW: Lyoto Machida
HW: Brock Lesnar (I don't see Mir taking their second fight, especially with a few more fights under Brocks belt)

I think the UFC needs to try to sign top guys for the MW and HW divisions...there are quite a few good fighters out there to test Anderson and Brock.
2/11/09 3:02:22PM
hw:lesner lhw:machida( if giving his chance if not rampage). mw:silva and thats anderson not wanderlei ha. ww:gsp. lw:BJ all the way . Dare i say may be chuck for lhw if he beats shogun!
2/11/09 4:05:36PM
HW - Mir
LHW - Machida
MW - Anderson
LW - Sherk or Sanchez (B.J. Penn doesn't lose his belt but goes MIA)
2/11/09 4:24:27PM
HW: Toss-up for me, if Brock gets by Mir then him, if Mir wins then I put my money on Carwin, I think he beats Gonzaga another person and then Mir.

LHW: Rashad, he can beat everybody but Rampage easily IMO and I think he can take it to Rampage too so... it's his time to shine.

MW: I think Anderson will slip this year, so if Bisping gets past Hendo then I think he's got a legitimate shot but I'm going with Demian Maia. I don't care if he is one dimensional if he can get anyone down he's got the slickest submissions I've seen pretty much.

WW: GSP definitely. Enough said. But I will add that his GnP will take him through the division for a long time. I definitely think he takes Anderson too.

LW: Penn or Florian, as much as I hate to say it because I absolutely HATE florian I think after Penns last performance he might be broken mentally. Especially if Florian trains with GSP!
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