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8/14/09 8:05:27AM
It seems as though we've been talking about Renato Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi for quite some time now. Of course, both men were supposed to fight on the ill-fated "Affliction: Trilogy" card. Instead, the bout was moved to this Saturday's Strikeforce event on Showtime, where "Babalu" will defend his light heavyweight title against the up-and-coming Mousasi.

8/14/09 11:42:55AM
I wouldn't mind seeing that fight I just hope it goes to the ground and we get to see 2 of the best try to break each others arm.
8/14/09 12:20:49PM
Fedor would probably win a bit more decisively but it would be a helluva lot better than watching Fedor fight Ricco Rodriguez.
8/14/09 1:18:46PM
I don't even think babalu's gonna successfully defend his title... he should be focusing more on his defense attempt than his "eventual" fight vs Fedor.
8/14/09 1:36:28PM
I agree I don't see hime getting past Moussasi
8/14/09 1:56:33PM
I'm sure if you lost to Fedor when he was considered a nobody, now that he's 20 times better than he was you're probably not going to do so well.

Worry about the rematch with Mousassi after he takes your belt lol.
8/14/09 3:15:03PM
haha.i actually laughed when i read the thread title.

i dont see sobral getting passed the first round.
fedor is more than capable of handling him on the ground.and has far superior striking

8/14/09 5:01:31PM
Despite what everyone has said he is one of the baddest dudes out there who will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere and i love him for that.
8/14/09 7:37:12PM've got to be kidding me. I am obviously a huge Babalu fan and I full blown cringed when I saw this! I think he will have a hard time with Gegard, but I see him pulling off a victory. Fedor though would KO Babalu in the first. "And the truth shall set you free"
8/27/09 8:07:03PM
i guess not so much now...
8/27/09 8:09:29PM
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