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5/19/11 11:47:41AM
Watching some old few years back and started thinking of fighters who had title shots who's fighting now outside of ufc
Started to think back of as many as I can who just slowly after title shot either left or got cut from the ufc

People like

David terrell. After the middleweight title against tanner. He was gone
Thales leites.
Joe riggs * even though he didn't make weight and was non title
Travis lutter
Jeff monson
Paul buentello even. Even though he came back to ufc

Fighters like that.

There are others but they stayed in the ufc still for a few more years

I wouldn't put franca, cote, or quarry. Nor tanner in this category

Maybe david louseau but he has had like two more stints in the ufc

If u ever watch older ufc tapes. Focus on ufc 50's and 60's
Even 40's. Dvds.

It cool to see guys like a gsp on the prelims and watch him blossom into a champ
Or griffin or evans, florian, sanchez, kos,
The arrival of the spider
Rich franklins title run
Even the arlovski-slyvia trilogy
As well as the grudge between tito and chuck
5/19/11 12:46:59PM
"If u ever watch older ufc tapes. Focus on ufc 50's and 60's
Even 40's. Dvds."

I agree with this and would even say the 40s are the best to focus on. Incredible events from 40-49.
5/19/11 5:46:29PM
Watch the ufc grow into what it has become now
It gets bigger year by year
5/20/11 9:42:16AM
One of the 2 DVDs I have is UFC 43...Belfort KO, Chuck vs Randy, Kimo vs Tank, i can't think of anything else but it was a good card.
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