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3/29/12 4:47:37PM
Did you know that no UFC HW Champion has ever defended the title successfully on three occasions? It seems crazy has there have been some great champions but that fact is very true. In most UFC divisions there has been at least 1 dominant champion but not at HW, the title may change hands more then it does in any other division but it keeps the division exciting as there is never one person dominating.

Here is the history of the UFC HW Title

The HW Title
3/29/12 5:27:36PM
those were wild times in the HW division. randy was really the only well rounded fighter and no offense to randy but he was still mostly a wrestler. obviously it got him pretty damn far though. good article.
3/29/12 5:54:29PM
Thanks mate
3/29/12 7:56:05PM
two out of two thumbs up bro
3/30/12 2:33:28AM
Thanks Shane
3/30/12 6:50:49PM
Lil timmy and Brock came close.
I think jds can do it
4/6/12 2:26:44AM
JDS will end that streak.
4/6/12 7:08:33PM
I'm embarrassed to admit that this is very interesting because I had no idea. I think JDS will have a good run though.
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