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7/4/09 5:13:08PM
WOW!!!! I can't believe what i'm reading here, that's intense. My prayers go out to the McNair family and all those who this affects.

You will be missed Mr. McNair, thanks for the great years you gave us football fans


7/4/09 6:18:40PM
Wow...Air McNair..Houston took a real chance on drafting a black running QB who could also throw. He will be missed for sure.
7/5/09 4:56:41AM
This is a damn shame! Steve Mcnair, was a stand up guy on and off the field, he was definitely a first ballot hall of famer not only as a football player but as a person as well! R.I.P. Steve Mcnnair!
7/5/09 11:04:17AM
wow.... McNair....

the guy was a warrior, and I loved to watch him play..... he was really the reason I was a Titan's fan for a while

If this got me posting... wow..

I have not posted in a while..

7/5/09 12:10:59PM
Yeah, this was sad news to hear. Unfortunately it looks like some of the circumstances surrounding his death might be due to questionable judgment on his part.

Hopefully the media won't drag this out and make it into a huge story. Give the guy his dignity, remember him as a football hero, and move on.

7/5/09 2:07:04PM
Man this is sad and this is just a bad month to be famous. I got to meet the guy when I did some work for my buddy's company a few years ago that did networking. He did some of the networking for the Ravens stadium and brought me in to help out. McNair was nice enough to get 2 full signed footballs for My Buddy and me. All we did for him is setup his wireless connection on a computer.

Posted by Jackelope
Hopefully the media won't drag this out and make it into a huge story. Give the guy his dignity, remember him as a football hero, and move on.

I highly doubt it the media will do whatever gets the best ratings. The hole time claiming the public deserves to know.
7/5/09 8:10:40PM
You're right Telnights. Sure enough when I logged onto Yahoo! this morning it was the front page story.
7/7/09 12:41:09AM
wow just wow that is a little to far major for that
7/7/09 9:34:41AM
I don't exactly equate infidelity with pedophilia personally. We're all flawed, one way or another, though. I see pedophilia as something evil, but cheating as simply a lack of better judgment or dissatisfaction with a current relationship. To me it is apples to oranges, and I'd definitely side with the cheater if I had to choose between a child rapist and a cheater.

A lot of these relationships professional athletes have are screwed up in the first place. Lots of money, lots of time away from home. In a lot of cases the wives are either money grubbing or cheating themselves.

Either way it was a joke made in poor taste, but it's better to just look past it. When I first saw it posted I knew someone would have something to say, but whatever. In the case of MJ - he was a pedophile. In the case of Billy Mays I think all the jokes you're seeing are jokes made out of love, believe it or not. Who didn't like that guy?

7/7/09 9:41:40AM
Besides...because a guy cheated on his wife, he's better off dead?
7/7/09 9:49:14AM
its a sad situation, from everything i had seen and heard of the guy he was a very giving and humble person. he didnt hide his relationship with his girlfriend so maybe he and his wife were on the outs considering the house was up for sale. no one is perfect, so obviously he had some flaws, but i think the good outweighed the bad in this mans life. its just shocking news.
7/7/09 12:21:46PM
I had to clean this topic up so consider this a warning to all future posters keep it respectful. I'm sick of reading negative post about the dead. This isn't the time or place for those type of post. People are sad for the loss and you wont find a faster way to get on everyone's bad side than insulting the dead. Think of it as if it was one of your family how would you feel about people making jokes or saying bad things about your loved one.
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