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8/8/10 3:01:58AM
I am not gonna bash Fitch because whatever works for you....USE IT! It does however, bore me to tears to watch him fight. If the UFC has to have him, they need to have mercy and put his fights on the undercard until he can learn how to finish and or effectively damage his opponents. In my opinion, he sucks the life out of every card he is on. Anyone agree or am I just being a dick?
8/8/10 3:06:52AM
Well no, you said it yourself. "because whatever works for you....USE IT!" By the standard you are setting GSP, Chael Sonnen, Okami,and Couture should all be pushed to the undercard if we are only going with lame decisions. The truth is that Fitch is an extremely talented fighter who is ranked #2 in the world and he deserves to be treated that way.
8/8/10 3:11:48AM
That is way off..... GSP, COUTURE, and Sonnen have created plenty of exciting fights and moments. Fitch can't even put together an exciting round. Use what works but don't make me watch it instead of an exciting fight.
8/8/10 3:19:17AM

Posted by jimmypockets

That is way off..... GSP, COUTURE, and Sonnen have created plenty of exciting fights and moments. Fitch can't even put together an exciting round. Use what works but don't make me watch it instead of an exciting fight.

Well he's pretty much the #2 WW for the last 3 years so I'd assume he should be on the main card for that reason alone. If excitement equals main card there are a lot of sub par guys who fit the bill. You understand what I mean?

Fitch may be boring but the safe style is earning him another titleshot against GSP.
8/8/10 3:35:16AM
I like fitch i never get bored watching his fights he is one of the most skillful fighters in MMA
8/8/10 10:27:21AM
Go grab a beer when he fights then. I know he's not to everyones taste but Fitch is a world class fighter and I actually enjoy him smothering other people ground game.
8/8/10 10:50:19AM
i kinda agree with you, ill be the 1st one to say that jon fitch is the 2nd best ww out there, but at some point he needs to finish fights again, i dont think have finish anybody in awhile now, but then again there is no one left for him to fight in that weight class anymore, he should move to 185 , hes dont 2 team mates at 170, one who is a contender, and if jon does get another shot at gsp i dont see the changes in his game to make a different out come than the 1st fight., with gsp the champ he will always be number two, mad respect for jon fitch though .
8/8/10 10:51:54AM
Fitch bores me to death as well. He's a tough SOB, and one hell of a wrestler, but he is not entertaining for my taste. I typically watch the first round, usually the second and when I'm quite sure I know exactly what is going to happen the rest of the way I use the bathroom, and grab a beer. I'm curious to see how the GSP fight goes. The rematch actually interests me.
8/8/10 10:59:09AM
I'm not.


**** the haters!
8/8/10 1:16:06PM
I just find it weird now that I watched the fitch fight, that fitch dominated alves and koscheck couldnt get alves down in their fight or maybe kos didnt try.

8/8/10 4:35:34PM
I am taking nothing away from Fitch's wins but he is a BOOOOORING fighter. Many wrestlers come in with a similar gameplan but the difference is that most of them are able to do some kind of damage. I just don't see Fitch doing any damage or even getting near a finish

I think Fitch may just be a softy and thoroughly enjoys the embrace of another man.
8/8/10 4:40:55PM
Fitch may be the most accomplished UFC fighter to never hold a title.

He deserves to be on the main card.
8/8/10 4:42:28PM
I have one of the rarer appreciations for wrestling as I was a wrestler for about 6 years. I still watch MMA for the more "exciting" fights and fighters though, I loosely watch his fights enjoying companionship of my crew and the taste of my brew!
8/9/10 2:57:52AM
Fitch is the man. Love watching his fights... they always say he's a grinder, but he comes out with the W and thats what matters at the end of the day. They may not be the most entertaining, but he takes down world class guys and keeps them there while he implements his game. He doesn't cheat and he just works hard... how can you hate that?

They haven't interviewed him in forever after a fight either ROFL...
8/9/10 10:14:23AM
It is a matter of opinion. Unlike a lot of my friends who only are entertained by the big KO... I enjoy watching fitch fight and can't wait til he takes on GSP again. Long overdue IMO.. but that is what you get when you piss of the boss.
8/9/10 1:23:21PM
so alves should also suffer? are you kidding me? a fight between the number 2 and 3 welterweights in the world should be on the undercard? no offense but i think you have a long way to go until you are an mma fan.
8/9/10 1:39:23PM
I agree with most of what has been said throughout this thread. What I find funny about Fitch haters is they never say anything about the fact that when he actually does engage in standup with his opponents he's virtually fearless and throws pretty damn decent combinations. I didn't see Alves tooling him in the standup at all. Fitch could have probably done fairly well there. Instead he chose to further impose his will on Alves on the ground. In the process he made it look like Alves had basically no business being in the Octagon with him. In the end, isn't imposing your will on your opponent the point of a fight?
8/11/10 8:07:05PM
I like watching Fitch completly frustrate another fighter with his smothering style. Thats said I dont know why he doesn't try to GnP a bit harder. His wrestling is good enough to hold top position and effectivly pound a fighters face in
8/14/10 12:18:41PM
Personally I don't understand how anyone can find a MMA fight boring, besides fights like maia/Silvan or starnes/quarry.

The excitement in it for me is that fight can end at any moment, there for I'm interested all fight.

I personally find Fitch highly entertaining and would be more then pissed if Fitch is placed anywhere other then main card PPVs
8/17/10 11:16:25AM
I understand how people think he's boring and such but the thing is its not like he doesn't try to end fights. He's active on the ground and looks for submissions when presented but the thing is he's not going to go for a submission that will completely lose his position. The thing is he's not gonna knock anyone out on the feet though like has already been mentioned his stand up is actually pretty darn good.

Love him or hate him he's probably the second or third best welter weight and deserves main card slots based on the fighters he's fighting. Everyone knows what fitch is going to try and do its there job to stop it. The dudes record speaks for itself. He may seem boring to most but personally i appriciate the technique he uses and implements to complete overwhelm and brake his opponents.
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