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7/18/07 5:53:06PM
ortiz isn't top competition has to beat top competion...a 40 year old ken shamrock isn't top competition at that stage in his career. So your blaming wandy for wanting to fight two months later? Your blaming who for chuck and dana picking jardine out of the glutton of top competition? I really don't see your point? He fought rampage and was KO'd in under 2 minuets. The UFC could pick shogun, they could sign arona, soko, lil nog, ect to fight, and they would if they truly wanted the best talent in the cage. Machida is light years ahead of jardine, and IMO would have a veerrry good chance at beating chuck. The UFC is clearly protecting chuck.
7/18/07 6:31:32PM
To put the blame on chuck for this incident is dumb this is dana's decision not chucks.

tito, babalu,randy, and rampage where the best competion the ufc 205 class had to offer. Jeremy Horn, i think everyone can agree that he is a good fighter, maybe he didnt deserve a title shot but it made sense to give him the fight.

I doubt Chuck has ever turned down a fight. I think 99%of champions, former and current, would never turn down a fight, because all of them have that urge to be the best in the world and to prove it time and time again.

i'm sure that ufc is working on signing those other fighters but the point is they dont have contracts and it is starting to get closer and closer to fight time. even though two motnhs is enough time.

I bet the only reason chuck and shogun aren't fighting is because dana wants shogun to be champ then have chuck and shogun fight, i bet shogun gets a title shot before chuck does.

( WHAT IF: chuck and wandy were the next coaches of TUF, neither is champ, its possible)
7/18/07 6:44:50PM
But chuck has to sign off on the fight. Theres plenty of people signed to the UFC that are much better then jardine, and then theres the argument that dana could wait 2 months for one of the most anticipated fights in mma history. Wandy can barly speak english so I doubt he'd be a coach on TUF.
7/18/07 6:59:54PM
Ya its just a WHAT IF,
Chuck said himself that he was eager to get back in the ring as soon as possible so i think he would take any fight at this point. Plus if he gets a quick knock out and doesnt get hurt at all he will be able to fight again in late 07 like he said he wanted to do. So there is still a very very small chance liddell vs wandy could happen in november, i say chuck vs. wandy in december (we can still dream, right???)

What about dana protecting Cro Cop, CC is still a top 5 heavy wieght and they are giving him kongo a kickboxer with less skill then CC and a non existant ground game. I think jardine vs liddell is equal to Kongo vs. CC, Dana is not just protecting chuck he is protecting all of his top notch competitors.
7/18/07 7:03:07PM
haha, I suppose you could look at it that way, but to the UFC fans they see a guy who was just beaten handily against a guy who's been winning, most see Mirko as the underdog. I was mad about this match up, although I feel it favours Mirko I would rather see a Mirko vs. alovski. As with all fights anything can happen, Chuck could lose, Mirko could lose, Shogun could lose, I don't think any of them will though.
7/18/07 7:49:38PM
agreed, lets hope the year of the upsets is over when it comes to these matches.

it just seems like everyones focus is on the fact that chuck is being protected when it is not just him, although the fight (chuck and wandy) is not happening, it could of. UFC did try to put chuck and wandy together in september.
They didnt offer hughes a tougher fight then lytle and they didnt offer cc a better oponent either. at least they tried to give chuck a top ten opponent.(i know they should of just told chuck to wait two more months but if they did that then that pay per view wouldnt sell at all to casual fans.
7/18/07 7:57:41PM
As much as I don't like chuck, I don't want to see him lose to jardine. I want to see him and wandy, and I do not want Mirko to lose, I want to see him and fedor2 when fedor comes.
7/19/07 2:45:24PM
i don't believe in tune up fights, if you're in the top 10, you should only face top 10. and yeah, ortiz isnt top competition, and jeremy horn only got the shot at the belt cause chuck wanted to avenge a loss. and yes, dana white does protect chuck, especially after rampage 1. since then he hasn't faced a great striker. decent yes, great no. hell, even randy, a wrestler, tooled him in fight 1, although losing 2 and 3. i feel chuck vs bonnar would've been better than jardine. or hell, get lil nog, overeem, arona or someone. and about cro-cop, i do agree kongo shouldn't be fighting him. arlovski vs cro cop should be happening.
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