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6/15/07 3:36:06PM
like i play football for my school and i weigh 138 playing linebacker and running back. my strenght coach tells us to eat 6 meals a day and i did but i lost 5 pounds doing that, any advice?
6/15/07 3:54:38PM
Gaining weight is hard. What you eat is important. Count calories and find you intake need to maintain weight, then add things to gain. 6000-8000 might be about right. Don't eat snack foods that are high in sugar. People with high metabolisms just burn the sugar and its not worth wasting your time with them. Complex carbs and big meals. I like to drink meal replacement shakes with meals, like SlimFast.
6/15/07 4:17:32PM
eat ALOT!!
6/17/07 12:50:01PM
If you have a hard time gaining weight go buy a Gainer. Go to and look up ON Serious Mass. Its a powder you mix with anything you want. Has 1250 calories per serving, 50 gram carbs, 1 gram creatine and protine and glutamine. Everything you need bro. 6 pounds for 25 bucks. You will have no trouble putting on some serious masss!
6/18/07 11:30:21AM
thanks, that site helped, i'm gonna try it
7/9/07 10:42:56PM
i have a friend who went from 135 to 209 (as of today) in about ayear and a half. we are taling a scrawny 6'3 " kid getting huge... ppl ask him how he did it and just say"s i ate and lifted and ate and lifted./..
7/9/07 11:38:21PM
As I say with all threads like this. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist for advice on this type of thing.
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