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8/22/12 2:51:22PM

Posted by warglory

Posted by infestructure

the reason why their base pay is so low, for good or bad, is to provide an incentive to provide the best service possible to patrons. That is the way the system works.

Really? That is the reason their base pay is so low? Not because it's the status quo left behind a long time ago? I'm sure restaurant owners would love you to keep thinking that and paying their employee's salary...
The USA is the only country in the world who partakes in gratuity (I think) and every other country gets along just fine without it. The waitresses may be less fake, but apart from that, the service and food is just as good if you tip or not.

I can only speak for sure about Canada and the US as those are the only two countries I have been to, and Canada definitely partakes in gratuity. Upon research though, tipping is quite common in many parts of the world, particularly in Europe and South America. Wikipedia did highlight specifically that in New Zealand, gratuity isn't commonplace.

I'd honestly be curious to find out from a well traveled person around the PG, who has dined around the world, to see which country they went to had the best service.

I can only speak for my time in Sweden, as I don't usually do sit-down dining in other countries. There, you aren't expected to tip, but you can obviously do so if you feel they went above and beyond their job. The service was average, although that's likely a reflection of work ethics overseas. In my experience, no one in Scandinavia really "works their ass off" so to speak.
8/22/12 4:25:48PM
I don't give a a flying F if the person serving me makes 5 cents or 100 bucks an hour. If the service is crap they will get nothing for me. I hate every time people I know that work or have work in restaurants pull out the "They only make XY amount per hour" card ... well if that's the situation they should be nice and do a good job so they can get good tips. I understand sometimes is not their fault (probably they did everything right and the cooks fucked up) but if they don't inform the client of the situation I'll still blame them.
8/22/12 4:52:12PM

Posted by Svartorm

Posted by Cooler

While I have tipped, I think the idea tipping is ridiculous when the wages employees get should be higher. I'm under the thought that it's not up to the customers to pay most of the employees wages (sometimes 90%). It's like we're under a service tax and if you don't pay they might remember you. Tipping is ultimately taxing the customers for good service while not paying the employees what they actually should earn.

What do folks not understand about this? The server has to be paid one way or another.

Either they get paid a low hourly wage and you tip them based on service, or they're paid a full wage and your food is more expensive to cover the extra labor costs.

So it's either expensive to eat out or the employees get paid shit and you still have to pay as high at 90% of their wage, doesn't make much of a difference...why is it so hard to raise the employees wages instead, since inflation keeps going up and the wages don't...I really don't see what is not understandable here.
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