What time of the year do you start listening to Christmas Music?

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POLL: When do you start listening to Christmas Music?
In December 21% (11)
In November 23% (12)
In October 2% (1)
Just before Christmas Eve 4% (2)
All Year Round 13% (7)
Never 37% (19)
10/28/07 4:40:46PM
I'm just curious, cause I just started as soon as I woke up. I had been meaning to since last week, but kept forgetting. I'm not usually big on this style of music, but this year, because my life is different in such a different way than last year, I thought i'd try something new.. So, does anyone else listen to this music, and if so, when do you start listening to it?
10/28/07 7:52:06PM
I don't really listen to Christmas music, even at Christmas, I find it irritating!

Ironic, because I absolutely love the festive season, I just don't really enjoy the music
10/28/07 8:07:21PM
I work with something called MUZAK witch will start playing it in a weird way like one song evry five then every three then everyother then every song and your like holy shit they are playing Christmas songs
10/28/07 8:20:12PM
about december is when i will start but other than that i usually do not listen to it.
10/29/07 9:36:53AM
I love the Christmas season, but I don't really listen to Christmas music. Sure, I "hear" it, and sometimes even hum along with the songs to myself, but I never really "listen" to it...
10/29/07 9:59:56AM
The day after Thanksgiving... that's supposedly when the "Christmas Season" begins. Then again... it's a free country (again... supposedly).
10/29/07 10:33:26AM
I personally can't stand x-mas music... So I don't listen to it at all... I figure once I have kids that'll all change, but I might as well hold out for now
10/29/07 6:43:20PM
I find myself listening to it all year round. Well only one song by The Dicamillo Sisters. (Brandon Dicamillo, Bam Margera and Jimmy Pop)

Here's the link if anyone wants to listen.

But Why's It So Cold?
8/22/08 1:52:38AM
I always listen to A Fairytale of New York just before and on Christmas day.
8/22/08 8:54:49AM
Christmas music and emfleek = oil and water.

Christmas music pisses me off. Can't stand it.

I don't like snow. I don't like winter. I don't like holidays that happen in the winter months.

8/22/08 5:52:21PM
December. Nothing means Christmas is just around the corner like hearing Dean Martin tell you that it is.
8/22/08 6:14:01PM
I can remember polling this topic a long time ago...man time passes.
8/31/12 11:26:20AM
All day everyday
8/31/12 12:37:49PM
Probably after Thanksgiving, like the other poster stated. I get into it for awhile, then it wears thin on me.
8/31/12 2:34:57PM
The real question is what christmas movies do you watch and when
9/4/12 2:18:20AM
Prob around Christmas. scrooged,ernest saves Christmas to name a couple
9/4/12 10:21:55AM

Posted by GettinsomeBas

The real question is what christmas movies do you watch and when

I hate watching Christmas movies out of season. Something about that feels very wrong and borderline criminal. I watch the week of Christmas, with the very best ones on Christmas eve day.
All Home Alone movies, even 3 but usually while dicking around on the laptop so that I don't need to listen to that little douche talk. Both Grinch movies and The Santa Claus. Christmas eve requires Jingle All the Way (possibly the best christmas movie) and Muppet Christmas carol, primarily because I have a ton of memories from 15 years ago attached to it and secondarily because Michael Cane is the man. Christmas Vacation in there once in a while as well.
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