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6/5/08 7:30:58PM
last time it was in the uk it was shown at 3 or 4 pm to deal with the time change....85 airs at the usual 10pm ..........discuss.
6/5/08 7:32:05PM
3 or 3:30 eastern
6/5/08 7:37:47PM
First Fight - 5.30pm British TIme
Main Card - 8.00pm British Time
Card Ends - 11.00pm British Time

Taken From UFC.com:

LIVE on pay-per-view and Yahoo!Sports at noon PT / 3pm ET
REPLAY on pay-per-view and Yahoo!Sports at 7pm PT / 10pm ET
6/5/08 7:47:28PM
i am stupid. . thats what i figured. please excuse my error

6/5/08 7:49:02PM
i am watching the 7 pm replay
6/5/08 8:12:47PM
i can never watch replays, its to tempting to go on the net for results
6/5/08 11:56:49PM
3pm But I record it and watch it a about 7 pm anyways
6/6/08 6:45:02AM
Since a couple of restaurants near where I'll be tomorrow after a movie are showing it, I might drop in afterwards to see if they have the live feed (I'd miss the first hour though).
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