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2/4/10 9:22:23PM
So I was thinking, "Wouldn't an all time points leader board be cool?" I think it would. Who's the all time king? Maybe "Most events won"? "All time winnings"? Waddaya think?
2/5/10 12:44:19AM
No offense but bad idea. People who joined later than others will be at a serious disadvantage. Maybe if they did by % but then new members who do really well at first would have an advantage.
2/5/10 9:09:28AM
I think it's a good idea, despite the disadvantage of newer members. We should be able to reward the longtimers without the newcomers being offended. Maybe somewhere on the stats/data page that is not as prominent as the season Points Leaders item.
2/5/10 7:29:55PM
I wasn't thinking for prizes or anything so there is no disadvantage. Just information.
2/5/10 7:31:30PM
Oh yeah props for Aku.
2/18/10 11:37:12PM
i have been here since season 2

but i must say i do challenge myself every season trying to win up the rank and points from each season
add now one of my co workers is a member here
so when we watch the fights it is pretty much against one another for wins and points

i would love to see what my ranking all time would be gotta be in top 200 or so
3/31/10 3:03:28PM
I've been part of this site since March 2007, IDK where I would rank but I would like to know.
4/1/10 1:06:54AM
we already have something like this, at least in career wins. Just go to stats/data, then memebr list, then career wins.
4/6/10 9:21:55AM
4/18/10 3:16:31PM
Most wins - Dewby (of the awesome War Room Warriors camp)

Most decorated (i assume) B_Goetz - also from WRW camp
5/31/10 3:51:16AM
Hell, best all around camp would have to be the WRW camp, ya dig?
5/31/10 4:02:57AM
Oh yea must be the end of the season. Only time the WRW's come out.
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