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1/1/13 7:03:03PM
I have a galaxy s2

thinking about a Note 2 or S3

Your thoughts?

I will not buy a iphone5
1/1/13 7:05:26PM
I'm assuming your with sprint?

If so the ones you already suggested would be at the top of my list along with the evo 4g LTE
1/1/13 7:07:29PM
T moblie
1/1/13 7:10:01PM
I have the S3 amazing phone. The Note 2 also looks really nice but i have no use for the pen
1/1/13 7:10:51PM
Ah t mobile.

Hmm well since they have the data throttling im not sure which I would go with . If I had WiFi I would still pick between the first two you said .

The note has an absolutely huge screen.
1/1/13 7:14:24PM
I have an S3 and love it.
1/1/13 7:15:09PM
I use a ton of wifi and never had an issue with data. to tell you the truth I think the giant screen is awesome!
1/1/13 7:17:06PM
I also have an S3, best phone Ive ever had
1/1/13 7:17:56PM
one thing about the s3 is that sharing feature to just touch. to share playlist with MrsSpiderSilva and the photos just by rubbing phones together
1/1/13 7:31:01PM
If that's the case I'd go with the note. It can do everything the s3 can but with a bigger screen
1/1/13 8:46:52PM
I have the note tablet with the pen, it's perfect for me as I do a lot of design, kinda sucks taking calls on it though, as its automatic speakerphone unless you have headphones in. Ill probably get a small phone to make calls on to keep in my pocket, and get a split sim
1/1/13 10:54:56PM
Great call staying away from the Iphone. I guess it's personal preference. I've heard great things about the S3 and Note 2. The Note is huge, but that screen space is sooo nice. I really don't think you could go wrong with either. I've also heard great things about the Droid DNA. Or, you could wait and see what the new BlackBerry 10 is gonna be like. Supposedly, it's gonna be pretty slick.
1/1/13 10:55:59PM

Posted by grappler0000

I have an S3 and love it.

1/1/13 11:35:58PM
Get the Note 2.. Why fuck around?
1/2/13 12:14:19AM
everyone I have talked to says the S3 is the best. If you don't mind a bigger, bulkier phone then get the note.

I have a friend who works for RIM and I have seen the new looks pretty good but I'd go for something a little more proven
1/2/13 3:13:18AM

Posted by Bubbles

I have a friend who works for RIM

Have you ever asked him for a RIM job?

Sorry...I'll just see myself out.
1/2/13 8:59:16AM
1/2/13 6:53:06PM
If you're on TMobile I see no reason not to just grab the Nexus 4 off-contract and love life.