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1/17/13 7:13:43PM
I know Bubbles posted a topic similar to this a week ago but now the time is even more nigh as later tonight season 4 of archer premiers. The first thing I'm doing as soon as I get home tonight from my college class is turning on the tv and watching the dvr'ed episode of Archer. "LANA!!!!!!!!!!..... Danger Zone"

Here is a little something to get us in the archer mood
1/17/13 7:30:59PM
I'll be to busy with Bellator tn
1/17/13 9:07:55PM
That's how you get ants!
1/18/13 12:13:33AM
I don't have FX but I'll be watching it after school tomorrow
1/18/13 12:17:31AM
Cheryl: It tastes worse than it smells!
Pam: Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard a guy say that, i'd have eight nickels!
1/18/13 8:13:53AM
Archer fans!

"Hey, I know you're upset, but if you ever mention my mother's loins or their frothiness to me again, I don't know what I'll do ... but it will be bad. Now let's go bury this dead hooker."

I am so excited for the new season.
1/18/13 8:19:24AM
Watching it as soon as it hits on demand...maybe a day maybe a week.

"You haven't heard the last of Conway Stern, which is not my real name!!!"
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