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5/12/10 3:59:39AM
So I have been around for quite a while now, but only posted on the forums here and there. With school now being over till September for me, I figured I would start posting a lot on this site. I love all sports, but my main sports are football, baseball, and of course MMA.

Favorite Football Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Favorite Baseball Team: New York Yankees

Favorite Fighters:
HW: Brock, Cain, and The Grim
LHW: Rampage, Matt Hamill, King Mo
MW: Anderson and Dan Miller
WW: Kos and Killa B
LW: Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller, and Jamie Varner

Hope to engage in some friendly discussions with you guys.

Also if you guys play video games at all add me with a message saying that you are from the playground.
PS3: Jshepherd714
Xbox: Putty Patr0l <----thats a zero
5/12/10 4:47:10AM
Man, I wish school was over. I just barely hit midterms. Glad you're finally getting around to the threads.
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