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1/19/08 3:29:20PM
I ran onto a cool little website.. .... For a fee of like 10 dollars for a month or cheaper for long term you can watch all the "NO GLOVES" events this orginazion has had.. 13 events I think. I was very supprised of not just the good quality of fights, but the nice camera angles. These fights are not on tv, but are streamed to ya on pc. I think the cost is very reasonable compaired to the "tamed" fights that are shown on tv.... just have a look......
1/19/08 10:37:25PM
they show the rio hereos events. i have 1-8 on dvd. they had a free event a month or so ago as well. they are hosted in brazil. there have been some good fights, but there has also been some crazy stuff. like a chick fighting a dude and winning, glass getting broke out at a school during a fight, and the first event was on a few mats in a parking lot.
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