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4/1/09 9:01:54AM
If I'm a burger junky going there, I make a side trip to Grand Rapids for this.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The West Michigan Whitecaps say they have no plans to put a warning label on an enormous new hamburger they're selling this season — despite a vegan advocacy group's request to do just that.

Susan Levin, a staff dietitian for the Washington-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, sent a letter to the Grand Rapids minor-league team on Tuesday. She's asking that the 4,800-calorie burger be labeled a "dietary disaster" that increases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

The 4-pound, $20 burger features five beef patties, five slices of cheese, nearly a cup of chili and liberal doses of salsa and corn chips — all on an 8-inch bun.

Whitecaps spokesman Mickey Graham says the burger is a gimmick that's being promoted as a very unhealthy menu item.

I'll take one please. Hold the chili & salsa.
4/1/09 9:09:01AM
The Fort Wayne Tincaps (formerly known as the Wizards) are opening a new stadium this year (and it's bitchin, by the way) and there are talks that something like this is going to be done to help garner national media attention like the Whitecaps have.
4/1/09 9:27:28AM
Do we really need the gov't or other groups to tell us that 5 beef patties and 5 slices of cheese on a burger is bad for us?

This is a free goddamned country and if I want to eat a 5000 calorie burger that's my own unhealthy choice, and if the "Phisicians Comitee for Responsible Leftist Medicine" doesn't have anything better to do than bother with a buger joint's gimmick to try to get some people in there then what the hell are they really around for?

the burger doesn't sound very good anyways... Maybe I'm oldfashioned, but who puts salsa on a burger?
4/1/09 9:29:47AM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

the burger doesn't sound very good anyways... Maybe I'm oldfashioned, but who puts salsa on a burger?


And salsa doesn't really have a lot of calories so if that's their reasoning behind it then I would suggest a massive fail.
4/1/09 9:53:05AM
It reminds me of the "Bubba Burger", a 1-pound burger the Bowie Baysox (minor league team I frequent) began seeling a couple years ago and other similar big items with Angus Beef. You can get a lot of different toppings on the stuff there, especially on hot dogs-makes you wonder why we have to put a bazillion toppings on them! Me, I like to have "bacon cheese dogs" at Frank N Stein now & then (cheese, mustard, bacon bits) but 99% of the time I'm more than happy with just ketchup on my dogs, if anything. And yes, the Bubba Burger is quite good.
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