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1/23/13 7:24:28PM
Check out the camp divisions, Dothemmath has changed them to make the bigger divisions more competitive.
1/23/13 11:20:37PM

I like it! the more the merrier
1/24/13 12:02:39AM
this was brought up in October and now after a new season has started the changes have been made? I'm all for merging of divisions for more competition but not during a season, even if it is only after 1 event

also, the member count difference is pretty drastic. I'm not sure if this was to make the camp count larger but I don't get how an 18 member camp is in the same division as those with 30+

but w/e, bring on the competition
1/24/13 3:17:48AM
It was brought up like you said and we spoke to the web designer, he confirmed it was easier today near the end or start of the season and opted for the start, we didnt want to say it was gonna be done until it was done. With regards the no's there arent enough camps to have bigger camp divisions, by lowering the numbers it means each division should be competitive.
1/24/13 5:22:09AM

Posted by shaneTpain

I like it! the more the merrier

1/24/13 7:30:59AM
My apologies for waiting for 1 event to pass before implementing this, but I needed the data from at least 1 event to work with to make the changes and be able to test them without jumping through too many hoops.

The mods came up with the new parameters and did their best to distribute the camps a bit more evenly through the divisions. If it turns out to be an undeniable bust we can always change them again next season, but just give it a chance first

Apologies too for the lack of updates lately. I'm way behind, but there's still two new games in the works along with a re-design (good news for all the people who hate the stupid grey-colored links). I won't dare venture to say when these will be done right now...
1/24/13 8:37:15AM
That's a fair point, but imo 25 would have been a better cut off line. Also the division names are a bit misleading. What if we want to move down to MW because it is "6 or more members"? We fit that description

DTM, I know you have a busy schedule and work on this site on your free time. You are the ghost behind the scenes that gets shit done. Whenever you get to finish it, I'm sure it's worth the wait
1/24/13 10:43:28PM
Thanks for doing this... =)
1/27/13 9:46:02AM
Wow, this feels strange.

Edit: IMO it probably makes more sense to have teams with 20 or less mixed in with light heavyweight.
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