Tim Sylvia: “I’m Used to the UFC Kicking Me Around”

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5/8/07 2:36:51PM
Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia says he’s used to the UFC treating him poorly, and that’s why he wasn’t offered an immediate rematch with Randy Couture, who defeated Sylvia at UFC 68 in March.

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5/8/07 5:11:00PM
LOL some people just think the world is out to get them. Tim Sylvia needs to step back and look at the last 3 belt exchanges..... Franklin..no instant rematch...Hughes..no instant rematch..and St. Pierre isnt gona get an instant rematch either. Sylvia needs to chill out and get off the roids...again. I like the guy as a fighter but no respect for him now.... he needs to wait his turn just like everyone else...GONZAGA FOR CHAMPION all the way.
5/8/07 5:33:51PM

“Randy beats me by decision, and I don’t get a chance to fight him immediately? That bothers me. I’m used to the UFC kicking me around, though. It’s happened since the beginning, and it’s never stopped.“

5/8/07 11:42:41PM
The only time I think an automatic rematch should be given is if the result was a split decision. Sylvia says the fight just went to decision? He got his ass straight beat for five rounds straight! That's worse than getting tapped out in the first round. I don't think Sylvia should be booted from the UFC, but he should at least have to accumulate a couple of back-to-back victories before he gets another title shot.
5/9/07 1:07:26AM
UFC has a HW division now. The last automatic rematch was when the div. consisted basically of him and AA. If ANYONE deserved one, it was Hughes.
5/9/07 8:14:00AM
gonzaga vs silvia just to shut him up and watch him get pummeled again lol. or maybe silvia vs crocop. lets see if he would still whine with that matchup!
5/9/07 12:41:22PM
I understand what he's saying, he was the champion, he gave AA a chance right after he beat him to reclaim it. He may want a rematch, but he got crushed by Couture for 25 minutes and before that, put on two snoozer title fights.
Sylvia needs to understand the business side of things, he doesn't sell. And until he starts knocking people out and getting back on track as far as delivering exciting fights, which HE IS capable of, nobody in that company will push for him to get a shot earlier than they have planned.
Plus, he's got CC, Nog, Vera and Gonzaga all deserving a title shot right now before him.
5/9/07 1:16:21PM
i think they really need a tournament for the heavyweight division, even if its not grand prix style. Or dedicate an entire pay per view to seeing where the fighters stand in their division.

Oh and GSP has to wait something like 6 months for hughes and serra to fight, then probably about 3 more to let the winner train for him. Sylvia is one cooky dude
5/10/07 12:56:30PM
Get the man some Prozac already. Cry me a river.
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