Tim Sylvia is ready to shock the world

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7/15/08 10:02:23AM
Yes, upsets are as natural to sports as winning is and on Saturday night, former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight, Tim Sylvia, looks to defy the odds and take out perennial top fighter, Fedor Emeliananko, in the main event of the debut Affliction show on pay-per-view.

While many consider Sylvia a heavy underdog in the fight against Emelianenko, the fight will take place in his home country with unified rules in place that Tim is used to fighting under. But Sylvia doesn’t feel the rules will be the biggest factor against Fedor in this match-up.

“I don’t know if any of that’s going to affect him,” Sylvia said about Fedor’s ability to adapt to the unified rules. “He’s a professional, he can adapt. The only thing I think could affect him is the level of competition that he’s fought in the last three years. I’ve fought top level opponents and he’s had not so stiff competition.”

The argument is just, as Fedor has spent the last three years battling fighters such as Mark Coleman and Hong Man Choi, while Sylvia has fought nothing less than top competition for years while serving in separate reigns as both champion and top contender in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Another argument that has to lean Sylvia’s way is his size and reach advantage which can be nearly impossible to train for. Fedor, at 6’0” even, has fought tall fighters such as Semmy Schilt, who stands 6’11”, and most recently Hong Man Choi, a skyscraper himself at 7’2”.

7/15/08 5:23:48PM
how can i be shocked when i picked him?
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