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POLL: Who will win and how?
Big Nog - Submission 95% (21)
Big Nog - KO 5% (1)
1/17/08 9:32:42PM
I am very excited for this fight, its a big clash of styles and should be pretty exciting. Lets go deeper in this fight and really break down the styles and differences between these fighters. Big Tim Sylvia has big power(love him or hate him), Noguiera is deadly on the ground and good on the feet as well. I think in styles it is a better fight or Noguiera due to past performances against fighters like Tim.

Big Tim is definatley gonna wanna keep this on the feet, thats where he could win the fight, on the ground however is a very bad place to be for Tim, Tim does have a good chance standing up, he's koed guys like Ricco and Andrei so he does have a chance for a KO in this fight.

Big Nog has definatley got the advantage in this fight...2 out of 3 of tims losses are by submission, Nog has a very decent standup game and has an really good chin and a high tolerance for punishment, if Nog decides to stand with Tim i think he would do fine unless he gets caught flush by a big right hand..then its lights out for Nog. He cant stand out and let Tim pick him apart like he did to Arlovski in fight #3, I bet Nog ties to take Tim down and go for the submission.

Look at the people that these two have beaten:

Big Tim defeated:

Arlovski (twice) once by KO
Assuerio Silva
Telligman by KO
McGee by KO
Ricco by KO
Cabbage by KO

Big Nog defeated:

Herring (three times) once by sub.
Cro Cop by sub.
Henderson by sub.
Schilt by sub.
Sapp by sub.
Coleman by sub.
Goodridge by sub.

This fight could be won by either man, but I would say Big Nog by 2nd round submission, Tim could win if he lands a big shot, but Nog can take some hard hits (watch fight with CC and Fedor) so i think Big Nog might win.

1/17/08 9:36:41PM
i say nog by decision, nog is gonna constantly take down tim with trip take downs, and constantly looking for subs, and pounding tim enough so it stays on the ground....
1/17/08 9:37:39PM
woops i accidentally pressed enter before i could put any more options for the poll.....my bad if you think Tim will win reply and say hoew you think he will win.
1/17/08 9:43:57PM
Nog rd 2 ankle lock !!

1/17/08 10:10:03PM

Posted by chickmagnet

woops i accidentally pressed enter before i could put any more options for the poll.....my bad if you think Tim will win reply and say hoew you think he will win.

That's funny, cuz I was prepared to call you cocky when I saw the limited options
1/17/08 10:22:04PM
i was gonna prop you for only puttin big nog on the poll.
but apparently it twas an accident
1/17/08 10:22:50PM
I look forward to this more than Mir-Lesnar.Tim will win by a dec.or ko-tko.Tim should be well prepared for this and his reach will play a major roll.Nog may be the more technical boxer and submission guy,but Tim's smart and will find the way to win.I really see Timmy taking his belt back.
1/17/08 11:36:43PM

Posted by Pookie

i was gonna prop you for only puttin big nog on the poll.
but apparently it twas an accident

me too! Tims a fighter that goes out to not lose where as nog is a fighter that goes out to win!
Nog by second round sub. Then he'll go on to be the UFC HW champ (unless AA signs again!!!! I'v got to love him!!!).
Serious perdition though
1/18/08 2:17:46AM
nog > silvia
1/18/08 3:03:22AM
Big Nog will submit Tim within a minute when it hits the ground. If Arloski can submit Tim Sylvia, then Nog could do it blindfolded.
1/18/08 7:35:46AM
well nice one dude for trying to do a proper poll - you came closer than most people do on here! always add the full options people

Ive always thought Big Nog is a sure thing, it really isnt difficult to take Big Tim down!!! Any kind of leg trip or body lock takedown will work and then a sub will come easily
1/18/08 7:55:00AM
Sylvia by KO. Hearring did pretty much KO nog in their fight so I think Tim can do the same thing
1/18/08 9:11:30AM
Sylvia by decision. Sylvia has better reach standing and Nog has suspect takedowns. I don't expect an exciting fight here at all.
1/18/08 9:39:01AM
I think Sylvia will win this one.
I don't think Nog will be able to take him down, and if he does I think Sylvia will be able to get back to his feet.

He will work his reach advantage with jabs, and dominate the standup game.
1/18/08 9:52:31AM
This is too long a wait.
1/18/08 11:08:49AM
I have no doubt that silva will win this. Tim is under-rated, Big nog is over-rated.
1/18/08 11:26:38AM

Posted by mrlfromhell

I have no doubt that silva will win this. Tim is under-rated, Big nog is over-rated.

Man I couldnt disagree more. Id give u Wandy overrated if u argued it enough... cuz wand was the Japanese "can" crusher for a while... But someone already posted Nog's win record... Also to ad to it, yeah Herring rocked his head, but Nog can take a beating like no other. That is a well known fact. Look at the Fedor fights... Nog was hurtin... Nog is no where close to being overrated. That is the "not that familiar" with Pride guys until a year ago talkin... This will prob be a boring fight cuz cage+Tim= snorfest no matter the opponent...

Sidenote: There is def a connection to the boring UFC fights and the cage setup. Yeah the cage has a cool aura and looks cool... But besides that its a huge hinderance. Combine that with no penalties for stalling, and who wouldnt wanna LnP or cage press for a decision win... money is money to the boring winner...

Ring= no where to hide
Cage= push against it and hangout for 5 minutes if u want...
1/18/08 12:43:43PM
theres no tim sylvia option which is who i was goign to pick but im iffy on this fight if he fights like he diud when he fough cotoure then NOG will destroy tim, if tim fights liek he did against arlovski in fight 2 then he will ko NOG so it all depends on which tim shows up.
1/18/08 2:04:59PM
the more i think about this fight the more i think tim has a real chance. nog is a great fighter, but tim is so long that its tough to work him over on the ground. both guys have good hands, but tims size makes it tough to get close enough to hit him with big punches. right now i guess im leaning toward tim 60-40.
1/18/08 2:12:45PM
im sick of people who keep saying tim sucks ok look hes only been champ 3 times and has lost jsut 3 times once to cotoure which is somewhat understandable, who knows about mir as to tim got his arm broke, and still wanted to fight, and lost to arlovski who i think was afraid of another injury. he fought monson who at the time was subposebly one of the best ground fighters and he won (it wasnt exciting but he still won) and with an 86' reach i think he can hit and defend on his feet well. I dont care who you are unless you got a football helmet on you are subject to a big tim k/o so while i do think nog will win i think tim deserves more credit and a chance because he can k/o nog he is strong and as big as a bull, so dont count him out he is here with a vengence i think, so tim has a good chance of winning maybe k/o but i cant wait for this fight to happen.
1/18/08 2:53:52PM
This one is definately going to the cards for Big Nog
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