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1/24/07 10:08:36PM
Tim Sylvia biggest fight is coming in Cro Cop anyone see him beating Cro Cop?

1/24/07 10:09:44PM
I see Sylvia winning this fight.
1/24/07 10:11:05PM
I think Tim would retain the belt in his match with Couture, but end up losing it to Cro cop. I cant see Tim winning against Mirko at all.
1/24/07 10:21:55PM
I think if they fought 10 times Cro-cop wins eight.
1/24/07 10:48:11PM
tim's going to have his hands full with randy, it's going to be a better fight than most think, remember tim's not chuck, he's not as fast as chuck and he can't scramble like chuck, so i think randy's going to take it to tim.

1/24/07 11:43:19PM
YES, Tim is underated by everyone.
1/25/07 12:12:55AM
tim looks like a lock on this 1 to me,randy fighting a 6'8 280 guy at 40+ gl randy
1/25/07 10:53:46AM
not a sylvia fan by any means..his fights tend to be dull but i think he has a chance

the biggest problem with tim is that outside of arlovski who has he fought recently? a lot of people like to bash his style/skill/etc., but this will be a good way to guage it for real, against a top rated fighter.
1/25/07 11:02:39AM
Sure Tim stands a chance against CC. Tims Silvia is a 6'8" monster who actually has to cut weight to make 265lbs. He has KO power and Mirko is not invincible. Everybody seems to make assumptions about him because his last three fights didn't end in a knockout , and tend to forget that he was KfoolsTFO for a few years before that.

With that being said, let me rephrase my statement, he stands a punchers chance. He has to go and try to stand with arguably the best striker in MMA, for his sake I hope there's a rematch clause...

1/26/07 7:29:38AM
Crocop have the most improved stand up skills on ufc.

And sylvia abuses to jabin'.

if crocop go to the counterblows... he win easily.

1/26/07 1:29:41PM

Posted by amik

Crocop have the most improved stand up skills on ufc.

And sylvia abuses to jabin'.

if crocop go to the counterblows... he win easily.

Completely agree, I don't think Mirko will have a problem with Tim's size and arm length. He is a very patient fighter who picks his spot and explodes, and a southpaw no less. Once CC starts timing Silvia's keep away jab offense, and catches him with a sharp straight left counter, that'll be the begining of the end.
1/26/07 1:35:09PM
the best stragety against crocop is to keep constant pressure against him so he can't set up shots and that LHK.. (see fedor, see randleman and what wanderlei tried doing..) I can't see tim putting the constant pressure on crocop and that'd just give more edge to mirko.. they'll circle around, cc will kick to the legs, more legs, one or two times to the body and win by strikes on the ground.

thats my stance and i'm standing by it
ill bet 300 that it wont end in a LHK
1/26/07 1:38:37PM
CroCop will destroy Sylvia. No chance for Tim
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