Tim Kennedy wins that fight hands FU$%ING down!!!

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8/21/10 11:46:12PM
I can't Believe that jacare won that fight. Granted Kenndey was busted up a bit more. But Tim had the takedowns and cage control ANd striking stats!!! Upsets me to no end that Jacare won!!!!!! Whats the playgrounds take!!!???
8/21/10 11:53:43PM
I agree only because Tim was in my parlay and I havent watched the fight yet.
8/22/10 12:06:24AM
Jacare won that fight four rounds to one. Hands down.
8/22/10 12:28:14AM
The hands are down, And he lost via UD.

His punches didnt have much impact at all, Judges look for the knock back of the head, And his head was knocked back way more than Jacare's.

I would hope than 1 power punch would over rule 5 weak punches.
8/22/10 12:40:11AM
I haven't seen it yet but I am partial to wrestling and control vs sub attempts because I am an American who used to wrestle, however I think there is something to be said about the judging in fights where BJJ fighters get screwed when they are fighting wrestlers...this may be one of the cases where that did not happen. I missed the fights tonight but will give my opinion in a couple of days when I catch it. Now if you take a step back do you still think he won?? Junkie says it was pretty even, same with Sherdog, MMAWeekly has it 4-1 Souza, same with BloodyElbow, all these sites I usually trust in.
8/22/10 12:40:50AM
Fightmetric has it as a Draw...and as close as it was, it's hard to argue that. I had Kennedy for the upset, but I think it was extremely close.
8/22/10 12:45:17AM
Was it a good fight at least....I want to watch it but may be pressed for time. There are a couple of others that I may want to watch first.
8/22/10 1:24:27AM
Sounded like the fight was close, so Idk about saying kennedy wins the fight hands effing down.
8/22/10 2:14:04AM
It wasn't really a shock that Kennedy lost. It was a very close fight and I think Kennedy could have won if he would have used a different game plan.I would have liked to seen Kennedy use the cage better and keep pressure on Jacare against the cage and worked the clinch using dirty boxing a lot more in the opening rounds.
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