Tim Kennedy planning to leave Armed Forces and pursue full-time MMA career

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8/13/08 1:03:46AM
While not yet a household name in mixed martial arts, middleweight Tim Kennedy has all the tools needed to go far in the sport.

Despite an impressive 9-2 record with notable victories over Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Dante Rivera, Ryan McGivern, and Hector Urbina, Kennedy has yet to breakthrough into the sport’s upper-echelon at 185 pounds.

The issue for Kennedy has been that since 2001, he has competed in just 11 pro bouts. His part-time fight schedule can be directly attributed to the fact that he’s Staff Sargent with the United States Army.

8/13/08 2:58:34AM

but not so nice for the armed forces.
i'm sure he will be missed.

...and well welcomed as a full time fighter.
8/13/08 8:27:51AM
Here's the Army times article here-


I've never understood why the Army won't give guys like this every opportunity to train and still pay them as soldiers. It's grade A marketing if you ask me. I know the Marines did it with Brian Stann- so wtf can't the Army do it for Tim Kennedy? Perhaps I'm just bitter being a former Army man myself, but the Marines work their esprit de corps and recruiting efforts a HELL of a lot better than the Army does.

I hope he joins DREAM and competes in their MW tournies.
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