Tim Credeur Vs Nate Loughran

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12/7/08 8:14:28PM
from what i know loughran has a blue belt in JJ and credeur has a lot of titles in bjj, this info is on ufc.com, both have the majority of wins by submission, who you got and why?
12/7/08 8:39:08PM
I think Credeur will win because of his superior wrestling and BJJ skills.
12/7/08 8:49:21PM
Tim by just being better and a warrior's heart
12/7/08 9:39:42PM
I think Tim is the better fighter of the two, I think he's gonna wear Nate down then get the submission in round one.
12/7/08 11:13:58PM
Im taking Nate, I think he can prolly catch a quick submission on the older credeur.
12/8/08 9:08:24AM
I can't see Nate winning this. If Tim comes full of heart and with his BJJ exp then i can see Nate winning the stand up war but losing the grappling battle and then the jits.
12/8/08 1:12:42PM
Nate is quicker and is pretty slick on the ground....
12/8/08 1:37:35PM
nate by sub but im not sure
12/8/08 4:24:12PM
It's really a toss up. I think that Nate will take a decision in a fight that will for the most part stay on the feet.
12/9/08 7:57:26PM
I have loughran taking this one early. Arm bar or triangle. He' is in my parlay
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