Tim Credeur vs Nate Loughran

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9/24/08 8:01:39PM
This fight has been anounced for UFC Fight Night 16: UFC Fights for the Troops, I think tim has this one where ever it ends up.What do you think about his match up?

9/25/08 1:01:01AM
Nate FTW....
9/25/08 1:13:23AM
great matchup i think nate win this one by UD
9/25/08 7:14:52PM
Should be a great fight, but dispite all you guys, I'm going with Credeur(most likely by late sub. or UD.)
9/25/08 7:23:31PM
two good ground guys, tim is no joke on the ground and he's been in there with some tough guys, i think he uses his experience and grinds out a decision.
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