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2/12/08 9:48:43PM
Tim Boetsch will again step up for the Ultimate Fighting Championship on short notice, this time taking over for the injured Stephan Bonnar. He will take on Matt Hamill as a part of the April 2 UFC Fight Night in Broomfield, Colo. as confirmed by MMAWeekly.com with sources close to the fight.

Boetsch made a very impressive debut for the UFC just earlier this month, finishing David Heath in the first round. He took the bout on extremely short notice when Heath’s original opponent dropped out due to injury.

2/12/08 9:51:30PM
Damn, beat me to it Babalu. I don't know about you guys, but I'm more excited for this match up! I don't want to see Hamil lose again, but I want to see Tim win again.
2/12/08 9:58:36PM
At least this time he has about a month and a half to get ready for the fight, not just 10 days. I can't wait to see what this guy can do with a full couple of months to get ready though.
2/12/08 10:01:06PM
oh lord this is soooo cool, but sooooo bad. i don't want either of them to lose... and this is gon be hella hard to pick
2/12/08 10:07:59PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

oh lord this is soooo cool, but sooooo bad. i don't want either of them to lose... and this is gon be hella hard to pick

Yeah, this is another tough fight to pick. Both fighters are good wrestlers. I guess I give the edge to Tim in striking, yet Hamil has improved his striking. Hamil will be prepared for those front kicks and will more than likely grab himself a single leg and be looking for takedowns all night. I think this fight will go to a decision.
2/12/08 10:29:25PM
Great fight ! 2 Excellent Wrestlers in Tim Boetsch and Matt Hamill. Tim with 4 State Titles in High School and Matt Hamill with a Silver medal in the Olympics. I think Matt takes the Unanimous Decision via better wrestling and crisper more powerful strikes.
2/12/08 10:36:24PM
I like Hamill but WAR BOETSCH!!! I think Hamill will stand and trade with Boetsch and Boetsh is going to be hard to hold down on the ground. I think this might go the distance though.
2/12/08 10:37:00PM

This is going to be a slugfest!! Both can bang on the feet and are exciting strikers. Matt with his dirty boxing and Tim with his power. This is going to be a WAR!!! I don't know who to pick though
2/12/08 10:45:50PM
i got hamil by decsion and egar vs gray better be on the main card !
2/12/08 11:03:42PM
Should be a good fight, but not in Matt's best interest IMO.
2/12/08 11:58:38PM
If I had to pick right now it would be Hamill by UD. I like both of these guys so I'm hoping for a slugfest with some nice takedowns.
2/13/08 12:36:58AM

Posted by Rush

Should be a good fight, but not in Matt's best interest IMO.

when i first read your comment, it was like WTF??
but then after thinking, i kinda agree with you. It's as close to a no win situation for Hamill as there is. If Hamill wins, he beats an unproven(yes, even with the win against Heath) fighter who not many people know about. If he loses, that's two in a row, plus losing to someone a lot of people are unsure of.
At least Bonnar was a known commodity. But that is not to say that Boetsch is a solid fighter. It's just more the unknown than anything.
Definate potential for FOTN though....
2/13/08 1:05:31AM
I think Boetsch can take this. He has a well decorated wrestling background and he has the advantage in strikes. Hard fight to pick
2/13/08 6:35:44AM
This is pure WARage

Great replacement, IMO makes it a better fight, only Soku would have been as good if not better, but both beat the Bonnar matchup

I hope this stays on the main card now, sadly Edgar VS Maynard will stay as a prelim, but there should be some quick fights so some prelims will be shown (i see that one going long tho so unlikely to be seen, we can always watch it after the event)
2/13/08 6:58:41AM
peanut butta jelly time
2/13/08 9:19:38AM
I want to see another throwdown by Tim
that was beautiful

^ note source mmagif.com
2/13/08 10:20:25AM
AWESOME. Simply awesome fight.
2/13/08 10:23:32AM
boetsch is trying to become the ufc's super sub, and its hard not to like that willingness to fight on short notice. if he wins here i say give him a shot at houston alexander and if he wins that hes ready for the bigger names in the division. im not sure than hes championship meterial, but between his ufc debut against heath and a close loss to the janitor, he looks like the real deal to me.
2/13/08 12:12:52PM
here we go again, everyone jumping on the bandwagon
lets see what tim can do with a step up in competition hey at least he gets a month and a half to train
2/13/08 12:33:34PM
pretty even match up in my opinion. Tim looked impressive in his last fight...but thats all I have really seen from him...I know he is an awesome wrestler, but I have no clue about conditioning or how he handles himself once on his back....

as of right now I am gonna go with Hammill by UD or maybe even third round TKO
2/13/08 5:34:34PM
This was great news to me. Too bad Boetsch isn't going to be able to throw Hamill around like that! Hamill is an awesome wrestler. I say Hamill wins this fight, not sure how yet though...lol.
2/14/08 12:46:49AM
Tim is a good fighter, but Matt will be a test for him. didnt get too see his ground game. but im staying way the hell away from this fight.
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