Tim Boetsch knows he’s a work in progress

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8/18/08 2:20:18PM
The awe was evident in Joe Rogan's voice as he tried to describe what he had just seen in the cage at UFC 81.

Tim Boetsch had just used David Heath's head like a soccer ball, bouncing it off his knees five or six times before he grabbed Heath around the shoulders and spiked him into the canvas.

Rogan, a color analyst on the UFC's television broadcast and a standup comedian who is quick with a barb, sounded stunned by what he'd seen.

"Look at this," Rogan exclaimed. "He just ... rag-dolls him to the ground. David Heath was stunned just from that."

Indeed, Heath was all but out from the spike, which caused spectators sitting on that side of the cage to wince. Terrell Owens hasn't spiked a football with as much force after an important touchdown.

Boetsch's victory over Heath stunned many veteran mixed martial arts observers, who had never heard of him previously. He'd only begun fighting slightly more than a year earlier and was suddenly pummeling an experienced fighter with ease.

None of what he did, though, surprised Wade Fatool. Boetsch's father-in-law is 50 and described by his son-in-law as a freak of nature. He still dominates many of those who are willing to get on the mat and wrestle with him in his hometown of Sunbury, Penn.

8/18/08 2:45:03PM
Aside from the Barbarian toss, I think Boetsch is a little over rated. We'll have to how he does against an equally sized, and legit submission threat in James Lee.

Maybe he'll make a believer out of me yet.
8/18/08 3:32:01PM
i'm a firm member of the boetsch war wagon. i think he had hamill beat before he gassed, which can be attributed to the denver climate, which that most of the fighters on that card were not used to.

8/18/08 3:36:52PM
im taking james lee for the upset and to win some money.
8/18/08 5:23:51PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

im taking james lee for the upset and to win some money.

8/18/08 6:43:20PM
I was just thinking, shouldn't he have been disqualified for spiking Heath's head into the mat?
8/18/08 6:46:09PM

Posted by bojangalz

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

im taking james lee for the upset and to win some money.

odds are way too good to pass up on this
8/18/08 8:49:41PM
Boetsch is going to take Lee out in the first round....In my opinion they are both B level fighters, but i see a lot more potential in Boetsch
8/18/08 11:32:48PM
He went from killing Heath to being killed by Hammil. I have to go Boetsch TKO 1st in this one. This saying I havent picked a winner for Hammil vs. Franlin yet. I think Hammil has way more going for him than a lot of people see. So a loss to him isnt that bad......in my eyes anyways
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