Tim Boetsch: Eliminate the Safety Net

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3/22/08 3:16:01PM
Stacked. It’s a word that has been used to describe the UFC light heavyweight division as of late. Sure, the influx of new fight talent makes this word true, but its connotations are more explosive than that. Dissect the division and you will see that the talent actually has the odds stacked against them. This much athleticism and hunger creates the best matchups, sealing no one’s fate on the road to the crown. Just when you think you have the division figured out, a Houston Alexander will come and prove that the hunger just entering the league can surpass that already within. This is the new threat that fighters like Tim Boetsch represent. The light heavies are experiencing a restructuring as drastic as housing and loan markets where only one thing is certain, there is no safety net.

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3/22/08 3:32:06PM
Tim Boetsch for president
3/22/08 3:33:35PM

Posted by silverbullet

Tim Boetsch for president

But Matt Hamill for the win!
3/22/08 6:39:25PM

Posted by bullettdodger

Posted by silverbullet

Tim Boetsch for president

But Matt Hamill for the win!

Amen brotha!!! LOL!
3/22/08 7:19:45PM
i think yall need to watch Boetsch vs Vlad, he did stellar in defeat, look for the upset, wouldnt surprise me if its a UD for Hamill but he needs to hunt down Bisping running scared from him and end his career this time around, but if they feed him to Anderson that'd be an even bigger beatdown so that'd be okay
3/23/08 3:46:57AM
Boetsch is going to put a hurtin' on Hamill........
3/23/08 5:57:34AM
WAR JEET KUNE DO !!!!!!!!!!
3/23/08 5:30:23PM

Posted by MMAcca

WAR JEET KUNE DO !!!!!!!!!!


First successful JKD fighter i have seen, well semi-successful, he still has to go through Hammil who is IMO Top 3 Best Wrestlers in MMA today. won't be easy.
3/23/08 5:38:47PM
Boetesch wil definatly have his ahdns full against Hamill. I just hope Matt doesnt put to much thought into standing with him. Or it could end badly
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