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2/16/11 11:45:44PM
I learned of this documentary a while ago and I couldn't wait for it to come out. I picked it up tonight and just finished watching it. This is one amazingly well done documentary. It's an absolute shame the military lied and deceived his family the way that they did. I will stop there because we don't discuss politics on these boards (even though this isn't really political as much as fact), but I highly recommend everyone rent this movie and give it a watch.

It's sort of amazing that the Tillman family got, at least, some semblance of the truth by, LITERALLY, telling the U.S. Army "Go F*ck Yourself." What's even more ironic, and in some ways a little hilarious (you'll understand when you see the movie) is Pat probably wouldn't have had it any other way.
2/17/11 1:56:21AM
I love documentaries, so this one was definitely on my radar. I was very well done.
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