Tiki Ghosn wants to fight Rashad

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11/3/09 1:21:40PM
The Ultimate Fighter season 10 has yielded some heated confrontations between the coaching staff of both Team Rampage and Team Rashad. UFC veteran, and Team Rampage assistant coach, Tiki Ghosn has been openly vocal in regards to the former UFC light heavy weight champion, Rashad Evans, and has recently issued Evans a formal challenge:

"You know just because he has few more fights than me in the UFC he suddenly thinks he's above me in some way. He got one lucky KO over Chuck (Liddell) and now he thinks he's an elite striker, we all saw what happened to him when he stepped in there with a technical striker like Machida - let’s just say he doesn't want any part of me in the stand up department, that's for sure."


I hate Rashad too but come on lol.
11/3/09 1:23:58PM
Maybe in a parking lot... but put him in the octagon and Tiki's pretty useless.
11/3/09 1:27:41PM

Posted by bojangalz

Maybe in a parking lot... but put him in the octagon and Tiki's pretty useless.

Tiki would lose so quickly it would be ridiculous. Don't remember who he fought but didn't Tiki get absolutely wrecked in Elite XC, keep your mouth shut about this one Tiki, Rashaad's got your number here...
11/3/09 1:57:57PM
has anyone ever seen a fight that tiki won? Ive never seen one and dont have time for all the hours of searching to find one.
11/3/09 2:00:33PM
I hate Rashaad, but he could kick Titi's ass on his way into cage to fight Rampage and then kick Rampage's ass.
11/3/09 2:32:23PM
11/3/09 2:45:13PM
LOL I'd take Rashad in that fight all day long
11/3/09 2:57:06PM
HAHAHAHH!! that video is awesome! But ya Tiki would get smashed!! what is he thinking! there is a reason he is not in the UFC or even WEC he lost every single fight he has ever fought in those leagues. lol. 11-7 please
11/3/09 3:04:08PM
Actually, Tiki *did* win a fight @ WEC 9.

I'm just sayin...

11/3/09 3:19:36PM
lol @ Tiki

but yeah, he is right about his comments about Rashad when it comes to his cockiness

Rashad has no right talking trash to Rampage who has fought far and above much tougher competition throughout his career than Rashad.
11/3/09 3:19:37PM
For tiki having having such "heavy hands" he only has to tko's lmao. I don't know if you can even count one cuz I was looking at his record on another site and it said they gave him a tko against kit cope, however it was aftter the 2nd rd was over and in parenthesies it said (Retirement) lol, so I don't think we can count that as a tko, so just one tko. Anyone he has ever faced that had a name he lost, such as Lytle, Sherk and Lawler, yes these are grat fighters, but just saying tiki can't prove himself against top talent and I could not see any elite strikers that tiki has fought. WOuld be so sweet for Dana and Joe to allow this and watch tiki get tooled
11/3/09 3:21:55PM
That girl Tiki went out with was a whore...
11/3/09 3:22:27PM
just to play devils advocate...he did beat genki.

i cant even back that up with anything else though, tikis career isnt exactly stellar, buts hes been in a couple of fun fights to watch.
11/3/09 4:51:15PM
he also weighs like 30 pounds less than Rashad lol.
11/3/09 5:33:55PM
I don't even know what to say to that. Tiki is really on his own little world if he thinks he stands any chance of beating Rashad or for that matter any of the top level LHWs, MWs, or WWs. What I don't get is everything he doesn't like about Rashad I have seen Rampage do the same or worse.
11/3/09 5:56:55PM
LOL at the quote"people have been telling me for years that i am the most talented fighter to have never won in the ufc"
11/3/09 7:27:06PM
Tiki needs to know is role here. He is a C-level fighter at best and also would be at a signifigant weight disadvantage. Rashad would smash him in a very one sided fight.
11/3/09 8:02:30PM
Come on now. Seriously? These are the ramblings of a delusional man.
11/4/09 1:01:13AM
Sorry Boo...you had props coming for making me laugh so hard that I let off a shart, gotta spread the love.
11/4/09 12:14:18PM
lol my bad but does that even count? wec 9 lol. god tikisucks
11/4/09 12:15:27PM
Haha wow, I think if Tiki even fought Rashad, he wouldn't make it a round, I mean Tiki's biggest wins are at 170lbs. over Kit Cope and Luke Stewart, and neither of those to compare in skill to Rashad.
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