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9/20/08 10:43:37PM
I am building my own gym (small)and was looking for some good mats.have any of you tried the Tiffin mats?are they as good as Dollamur?
9/21/08 11:09:59AM
I have a set of 3 with Velcro connectors (don't know if there are other models). They are definitely suitable for 2-3 pairs drilling or 1 free wrestling match. They fold up to take up very little space and have plenty of cushion for takdowns or breakfalls.. On the downside there are small gaps where the mats fold and seal together so they are not as good as puzzle mats or (roll-out) wrestling mats. But for a home gym it's about as good as you can get.
9/21/08 4:22:30PM
good question.. I was looking for something for myself home use a well.. what recomendations do people have out there for mats.. good quality but good prices.. something for 1 to 2 pairs max to roll on...
9/22/08 5:43:30PM
the ones I was looking at on ebay don't fold up they roll up.only one seem.
9/22/08 8:22:16PM
yea i seen some decent looking mats on Ebay.. at decent prices including shipping... I am looking for something that will not take up alot of space when stored away
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