Tidbit on TUF5's first episode.

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3/21/07 1:50:07PM
UFCjunkie posted this today... stop reading if you don't want anything spoiled on this show before the debut.

BJ Penn seemed to go out of his way to make Dana White’s life difficult as he and Pulver chose teams. After a coin-flip, Pulver had the option of choosing a fighter first, or choosing to play matchmaker first. “Lil’ Evil” opted for the latter. Penn then asked all the fighters to raise their hand if they not only wanted to be on his team, but definitely didn’t want to be with Pulver. 10 of the 16 fighters indicated they preferred the Hawaiian jiu-jitsu black belt. It not only put Jens on the defensive, it also forced him into a corner where he would have to swallow his pride because some of the better fighters wanted Penn. If Pulver wanted a competitive team, he would have to pick guys that didn’t pick him. BJ literally laughs as he tells the camera that he enjoyed putting the fighters in a position where they rejected Pulver. It’s clear Penn wanted to rile up Pulver and he did just that.

“I think he was trying to get everybody to raise their hand to make me look like a dumbass,” said Pulver. “He was trying to make them slap me in the face. I was upset because this ain’t about BJ Penn. This ain’t the f**king BJ Penn show.”

Pulver wasn’t the only person fed up with Penn at the fighter selection ceremony. Dana White informed BJ that he was only allowed one pick, but Penn, and even Pulver agreed, was saying that they should just have all the guys who raised their hand stand on one side and do teams that way.

“Whoa, what the f**k is going on here,” White said.

A back and forth verbal battle ensued with White continually telling Penn that he only had one pick. Penn would say, “Leave it up to the fighters,” to which White would reply, “One guy. You get one pick.”

“This is like f**king anarchy here,” said White. “One pick, you get one pick!”

Sounds like BJ is coming out as the bad guy this season, but that's what you get when your so blunt so early on. Although I'd want to be on his team too. I wish they shafted Pulver for Sherk after Jen lost to Joe, I think that would make the two coaches more even fighting wise.

Can't wait until this season starts; I've got high hopes for it (match and drama wise).

Looks like Dana will have his hands full.
3/22/07 7:17:17AM
I can't wait, it sounds like its gonna be awesome!

BJ sounds like he is going to be more entertaining than the contestants!!!
3/24/07 10:37:22PM
That was awesome, but Jens was a little defensive. If I was a coach I would only want guys that wanted to train with me. I agree the second reason was a little bit of a mind job, but hey, they are fighting each other and it also makes for great drama.

"Knowing" Dana, I wouldn't be shocked it it was his idea. lol
4/6/07 1:28:47AM
I'd much rather be on Jens Pulvers team....They have the best trainers in the world hands down. Look at all of the world champs that come out of MFSelite camp, Including Jens himself....

Team Pulver WILL win this season, if you didn't know, now you know.
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