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7/2/13 10:40:19PM
A report citing the box office officials at MGM is claiming that only 25% of available tickets have been sold for this weekend's UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman. Dave Meltzer disputes the report.

7/2/13 10:42:24PM
its a big fight, i dont think there's anything to worry about
7/2/13 11:04:39PM
If someone wants to buy me a ticket I'll drive out there right now.
7/2/13 11:53:21PM
No worries, the UFC will make sure its 100%
7/3/13 10:48:32AM
An Anderson Silva fight at the MGM is floundering? This seems so unlikely to me.
7/3/13 11:25:05AM
Same here, but you can't compare it to Belfort in Brazil, GSP in Montreal, or Bisping in the UK.
7/3/13 11:55:04AM
Personally, I think the card is weak. I think the Munoz fight will be ugly and the Kennedy fight will be boring. Frankie hasn't won since 2011 and I'm in no rush to see him get another title shot. Cub fight should be chill though.

But if I had to guess why it's not selling I'd say bc Weidman still hasn't made a name for himself.
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