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8/31/09 6:03:31PM
Maryland joins the ever-growing list of states to hold professional MMA events on October 24, when Baltimore's John Rallo brings Shogun Fights to the 1st Mariner Arena in the heart of downtown Baltimore.

8/31/09 6:49:23PM
You're buying my ticket, right? Oh crap, this is the same night as UFC 104 AND UWC in Virginia! I think. Dilemma...
9/1/09 4:11:21PM
I went to high school and wrestled with two of the guys fighting on that card...Jacob and Joey Kirwain...I want to go but if I do it'll prob. be in the cheap seats...they are alot pricery then I expected them to be...I understand Michaels 8th Ave will also have an event I think in Nov.
9/1/09 4:41:13PM
You mean Joey Kirwan? If so, I think I've seen him fight a couple times in UWC. Seems to be a good prospect, don't know much about his camp since he seems to be one of not too many fighters I've seen who does not train at Master Lloyd Irvin's academy. (And I got the UWC date wrong. It's October 3, so for me it's between this and 104)
9/1/09 6:02:53PM
yeah thats the one...he's 1-2 so far...I think he needs to drop a weight class or two...I have yet to see him fight though and when I found out both of them were on the Shogun Fights card it really made me want to go...but like I said we'll see.
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