UFC 96 tickets on sale December 24

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12/23/08 9:46:25AM
March 7th in Columbus, Ohio. As usual this event coincides with the Arnold Classic which now hosts amateur mma matches as well. Go to the Arnold Classic in the morning and then go to the UFC at night... it makes for a nice day. Columbus has a great crowd.... you can hear a pin drop as they focus on the match like true mma fans.

12/23/08 10:23:13AM
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12/23/08 10:52:21AM
I didn't get to go to the first two, but you can bet your a** that I'll be there this time.

Hopefully this will shape up to be a good event, but they need a headliner first. There have been talks of both Liddell/Jardine 2 and Serra/Hughes, and I'd be happy with either of those as long as they stack the rest of the card.

Brandon Vera vs. Mike Patt is probably going to be the first fight confirmed, and there are also rumors that Roger Huerta could take on Spencer Fisher on the card. Looks like a good start to me.
12/23/08 11:04:32AM
Sorry DCRage I thought it was "news" but I see your point.

Anyway, as for the event I do find it kind of odd that they are selling tickets when there aren't any confirmed fights on the card. Interesting that UFC as a brand has arrived to the point where they assume people will make blind purchases to their events.

Nevertheless I hope I can make it because its always a good time in Columbus.
12/23/08 9:52:56PM
Yeah ive been to the last two ohio events and they were pretty stacked and the fans are hilarious at UFC 77 we had a drunk guy behind us keep yelliing come on kick in the jimmy so we say that all they time now at various bars we go to. I would be happy with liddell vs Jardine 2 on the card and hopefully they stack the rest.
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