When do tickets to 100 go on sale?

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3/2/09 1:33:26PM
With and without that fightclub thing?
3/2/09 1:55:35PM
same thing i'm looking for. if i find out somewhere else i'll let you know. i can't wait for that one.

rumor = rashad vs rampage or machida

bisping vs henderson

gsp vs alves

3/2/09 2:03:34PM
Probably April or May. They usually go on sale 6-8 weeks before the event.
3/2/09 2:04:07PM
awesome thanks. ill post if i find out as well.

Also...herring said he asked for 100 b/c he ha never fought in vegas, but they said it was full. Either they are screwing the crazy horse, or there are some other big fights in the works
3/2/09 2:06:49PM
i found some on stubhub.com price range from 384 to 3600
3/2/09 8:29:05PM
ufc 98 will go on sale in a week or so i would have to guess sometime in april
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