Ticketmaster: Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill at UFC 75

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6/14/07 7:29:26PM
The Ultimate Fighter 3 light heavyweight winner Michael Bisping will face fellow castmaste Matt Hamill at UFC 75 in on Sept. 8, according to the official site for Ticketmaster.

6/14/07 8:10:35PM
Anyone else think Hamill will get absolutely pounded?
6/14/07 11:37:03PM
No i actually think he will get taken down repeatadly and lose - unless he has a fantastic mystery sprawl he has never shown before - im a brit who would like to see him win, just havnt been impressed enough to say he will be able to deal with such a strong wreslter who has already shown he can take punishment
6/14/07 11:54:28PM
its a long overdue matchup between raw talent and an experienced fighter that might end up being close if it hits the ground, but matt hates getting hit so we'll see if bisping comes out and beats him up on the feet like he should wants to do. im actually fairly excited to finally see this one
6/15/07 12:05:39AM
i am unbelievably siked about this one.
6/15/07 12:37:48AM
Bisping by KO in round 1
6/15/07 1:10:02PM
Bisping should take this one by a stoppage sometime.

I think that it will be an odd fight for him though, fighting someone who doesn't understand striking, or submissions, just a freakishly strong wrestler.

I dont see Matt doing much of anything in this fight other than losing.

If Matt wins, expect an extremely boring fight..
6/15/07 8:12:04PM

Posted by Mayo

Bisping by KO in round 1

6/17/07 2:59:20AM
Bisping needs to be tested soon
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