Which of thse guys would have won UFC 1?

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8/9/07 8:57:41AM
Rorion Gracie (the matchmaker for UFC 1) chose Royce for a few reasons, but if he had decided to put one of these Gracie-affiliated fighters in his place do you think the result would be the same?

* Renzo Gracie
* Royler Gracie
* Murillo Bustamante
8/9/07 9:08:00AM
wow, tough to say, and great question. i think royler i too small, so i guess hes out. im gonna go with renzo, hes only 1 year younger than royce(supposedly), and with a gracie making the matches i think hes the logical choice over busta.
EDIT: either busta or renzo would have done very well IMO, but ive always heard that renzo was a beast when the family(and students) would roll.
8/9/07 9:08:00AM
Murilo would have done the best IMO, followed by Royce then Royler. From what I've heard though Royler has the best BJJ skills (or is the best teacher anyways). Regardless though, Royce was chosen because if he lost they would have stronger, better Gracies to come in... guess he proved that it wasn't necessary though, which is one of the reason's Royce is the man. There was only 3 people to really look out for at UFC 1 for Royce, Pat Smith, Gerard Gourdeau and obviously Ken Shamrock (who was slated against Pat oddly (''), and with none of these guys knowing how to defend against a grappler using a gi, they would have all most likely won.

Was Busta even affiliated with the Gracie family back in '93?

EDIT: I misread your post and thought Renzo was Royce... just woke up. So my order is:

8/9/07 9:17:34AM
^ I'm pretty sure Bustamante was with the Carlson Gracie team then. He had fought in the BJJ vs. Luta Livra fights earlier than that and in the MARS fights (with the classic 45 minute draw with Erickson) not long after. In both cases I think guys from Carlson's team were chosen. I'm not 100% sure of that though.

Royler is the one I question. Ken Shamrock made a pretty crucial mistake in his fight and I think Royler would have been able to take advangate of that as easily as Royce did. But against Gordeau I wonder if he had enough physical strength to get the takedown. Being a lot shorter than Royce he would have also had to have been faster about it since he could have gotten plummed and kneed more easily. That would have been a tough fight for him IMO...but it would have looked even more impressive if the tourney was won by a 145 pound guy.
8/9/07 3:37:33PM
Murilo Bustamante would have owned everyone.
8/9/07 6:53:01PM
I think they all would have won the guys just didnt know how to handle Gracie jujitzu
8/9/07 7:03:05PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

I think they all would have won the guys just didnt know how to handle Gracie jujitzu

Everyone in the tournament aside from Royce and Shamrock knew nothing about submissions, I think that had more to do with it than BJJ specifically.
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