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3/14/08 6:20:31PM
How dangerous is it to punch someone in the throat? Is it more dangerous then getting hit in the temple? I'm sure most people would think that it's lethal. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is or not. Anyone have news articles or have seen it happen? I realize hitting anyone anywhere in the head could be fatal. I'm wondering how/not how more likely a throat punch can kill then a temple shot.
I've been snuck in the temple before and have seen many people get hit in the temple, but never have I seen a throat punch be used in a fight.
3/14/08 6:33:59PM
Liddell punched Wandy in the throat in their fight...

I think a Judo Chop to the adams apple would be more dangerous...

one of those Reggie Warren Jr. strikes to the throat..
3/14/08 7:49:07PM
A full force kick or punch to the neck is deadly in most people's cases, so i'd say its more dangerous than a shot to the temple. A hammerfist to the heart is called the death punch according to NatGeo and the brain hemerage punch (which i cant release to the public) are just as dangerous as a throat shot especially if your a trained sensei who knows how to kill with 1 shot
3/14/08 8:19:34PM
Here is a pic of A.silva landing a front kick to dans throat
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3/14/08 8:48:49PM
You are supposed to aim for the throat when hitting someone because they are supposed to have their chin tucked.

As to the damage. I'm sure it can be bad, but I don't know how bad.
3/15/08 1:03:10AM
Its actually rather difficult to hit someone in the throat, for the reason Rush mentioned, of the person having their chin tucked. If someone is in a fighting posture, you're really not landing anything directly on the throat. Things like hand swords (or karate chops) will hit the throat though, and can kill.

The cartilage on a human actually becomes ridged between the ages of 25-30, and the cartilage in the adams apple and areas of the windpipe will break, as opposed to bending, on people in that age group or above. I'm not sure EXACTLY what breaking your adams apple does, but I can't imagine its pretty, and it can supposedly kill you.

Someone with a medical background would do better to answer this.
3/15/08 5:06:03AM
It only takes 65lbs of pressure to collapse the trachea, so I'd say its a bad thing to do.
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