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4/1/12 8:37:15PM
As UFC president Dana White has often said, live television ain't easy.

The latest reminder came on Friday's new edition of "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" on FX, when what should have been a one-minute break between rounds turned into three.

Welcome to the never-ending headaches of live television, White told (

"We were on a network commercial break," White told immediately following the bout, which aired live on FX from the UFC Training Center in Las Vegas. "You can't break a network-commercial break. We need to fix that. This is a live sporting event, and we need to be on our toes knowing that we can go to another round. We have a 60-second commercial, and you come right back to the fight. That was bad."

4/1/12 10:49:11PM
that's probably why I missed next week's fight announcement. I watched it on tape delay right after it ended live and then it cut to the next program
4/3/12 1:26:32PM
I watched it on my DVR, so I missed the fight announcement and who one the fight I am confuse.
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