UFC threatens to ban EA MMA fighters?

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7/3/09 12:32:54AM
What we heard: It isn't just the fighters in the octagon that employ merciless tactics to defeat their opponents, it would seem. Last November, a number of news outlets reported that welterweight contender Jon Fitch and his fellow American Kickboxing Academy members were cut from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Reportedly at cause for the move was a licensing disagreement between Fitch and the UFC on THQ's UFC Unleashed 2009, in which the fighter refused to sign away his name and likeness rights in a lifetime contract for the game.

7/3/09 12:35:22AM
Sounds on par for the UFC and competition. Ruthless business...
7/3/09 2:33:42AM
Strikeforce + Dream + Affliction Game.

Cool by me.
7/3/09 4:06:34AM
Not sure if a Forum is a perfect source, but if true, it's pretty crappy. This keeps up and the UFC is just begging for some fighter backlash.
7/3/09 6:17:03AM
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Up and comming fighters hoping to get into the UFC have the opportunity to be in a video game and help promote themselves get banned for life from the UFC???

Seriously, banning contracted fighters is one thing. Blacklisting noncontracted fighters is just... well ...going too far.
7/3/09 6:24:22AM
Not that it can't be true, but the article comes from a blog that lists it's source as a poster on the UG forums.
7/3/09 6:55:28AM
If this is true, would they ban Randy Couture too? From what I understand he has a contract with EA sports. I dont think UFC would really be serious about this.

What if Fedor turns out to be in the game, then decides to go talk directly to Dana wanting to get in the UFC immediately? You think Dana would say no to that?

first it's banning a bunch of sponsors and now pulling something like this.
7/3/09 9:00:43AM

Let's wait for confirmation from another forum guys.

7/3/09 10:02:56AM

Posted by RNC

Strikeforce + Dream + Affliction Game.

Cool by me.

I agree also throw in Sengoku and Bobby Lashley
7/3/09 10:42:37AM
This is BS. You really think Dana would "ban" the likes of Jake Shields, Vitor Belfort, Fedor, Yamamoto, etc etc etc if the opportunity arose DESPITE them probably signing on for this game? No, if anything it's a scare tactic and won't hold ANY water in the grand scheme of things.
7/3/09 10:53:44AM
I could see DANA doing this because he already thinks he has all the best (TUF fighters) fighters in the world. This just might be the way Couture gets away from the UFC.
7/3/09 11:32:00AM

Posted by finnish_line

Let's wait for confirmation from another forum guys.

At least another post from a reputable user such as "ihatedana". He is the most trustworthy source out there.
7/3/09 12:18:59PM
I will say that Golden Boy has a pretty good reputation as an inside source. So if he posted it, there's probably something to it.

That's some brutal business, but I can kind of understand the UFC's perspective in that these guys who are signed up to EA's MMA game, will probably never be able to make it into a UFC game.

7/3/09 1:08:23PM

Posted by Jesse_Canadian_MMA

Posted by RNC

Strikeforce + Dream + Affliction Game.

Cool by me.

I agree also throw in Sengoku and Bobby Lashley

UMM dont forget Bellator as well!

The issue I have is its just not a logical thing to do and they would never stick to it. Im not trying to start anything but its complete BS, ain't going to happen.

I dont believe the UFC has any intention of attempting this.
7/3/09 1:16:31PM
I moved this to UFC forum because at this point this is just rumor and nothing more. Please make sure before posting in the news section that it has a reliable source.
7/3/09 4:05:08PM
Dana has a huge ego but he would never ban Fitch. He is too good to be kicked out of the UFC, plus it would cause too much of an uproar.

Only GSP has beaten him in the octagon and he has faced some pretty good competition, Dana is stupid but not that stupid
7/3/09 6:07:07PM
I hope this is not true, I would love to see ufc fighters in an EA game. They usually do good work, especially on sports games.
7/3/09 7:04:37PM
so if they sign with ea they have no chance coming bAck to the ufc or coming to the ufc like shields and nick diaz
if ea comes out with one i will buy both of them ufc and ea
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